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The Replicator-controlled vessel is a ship of unknown design which has twice been utilized by the Replicators.

The ship was first encountered by SG-1 when they travelled to an unnamed galaxy. It inadvertently saved them from Apophis by firing on his mothership, possibly because his ship appeared more advanced, and therefore more appealing, to the Replicators than the Ha'tak vessel SG-1 was piloting. Its combat capabilities are shown to be superior to that of the mothership, as it not only landed several hits with her energy weapons, but destroyed every staff cannon blast fired at it with point defense lasers. SG-1 hid close to a nearby sun rather than observe the battle, and by the time they decided to check on the winner, the ship was nowhere to be found. Since the Replicators had boarded the mothership and no wreckage was found, the ship presumably left. (SG1: "Enemies")

The same type of ship was seen again when SG-1 attempted to infiltrate the Replicator planet that was being affected by a time dilation device, the Asgard having asked them for help. It was seen guarding the planet. Since the Prometheus was considered too low-tech to be a threat, having been hijacked while in the stages of being completed, the ship scanned the Prometheus and SG-1, allowing them to land before it left without incident. The vessel was presumably destroyed when the Asgard collapsed the entire region of space into a black hole. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection", "New Order, Part 1")


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