"You will find the weapons system most intuitive. The hand controls are secondary. Targeting and vectoring occur as a result of direct neural interface."

The Remote Flyer, also known as the Aero-fighter weapons system and Flight Remote Controller, was a type of technology employed by the Eurondan civilization.


This device resembled an ordinary chair with a human or near Human sitting inside the machine. Once there, a control console slid in front of the occupant which provided them manual control over a group of Aero-fighters. However, this was only secondary as the machine contained neural interface that allowed its user to mentally control the craft at will.

After taking a seat in the machine, a green glass display declined in front of the user and the chair itself reclined in place. The green display serves as a visual interface which immediately beams a video of imagery that the drones are seeing. A targeting display is present that beams the information into the eyes of the user. This made them an effective weapon as pilots were capable of controlling the drones from a base through a remote link which reduces casualties as the drones are unmanned.

Typically, a formation of aerodrone fighters were controlled by a single pilot inside the chair. Prolonged use of the device could result in serious brain damage, but single uses on occasion were not harmful.


The combat interface of the display mechanism allows a user to see what the drone sees.

The Eurondan race extensively made use of these chairs with controllers being used to pilot the craft. This served as the primary method through which they were capable of fighting against Breeder attacks against their underground compound. This combined with their shield generator meant that they were capable of fighting back against offensives against their base.

Colonel Jack O'Neill of Stargate Command made use of the chair as part of a demonstration and used the aerodrones to destroy an enemy recon drone. Later, when the Eurondan base was under assault and with their shield weakening, O'Neill and Teal'c volunteered to aid them in repelling the attack. After discovering the true nature of the Eurondan war, Colonel O'Neill took command of several aerodrones from the piloting chair and used them to destroy the Eurondan fighters allowing the Breeders to end the war once and for all. (SG1: "The Other Side")

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