Relana was a female Jaffa who had proven her worth and obedience to her god in order to become the First Prime of Bastet. She was an exotic looking woman with dark eyes and tanned skin who was chosen as Bastet's First Prime not only for her looks; Bastet preferred to attend meetings with an attendant attractive enough to make the other System Lords jealous, but also for her prowess in combat. Both her toned physique and grace of movement spoke of her strength and nimbleness; a combination which was deadly within this well-trained warrior.

As she was utterly obedient to both the light and dark sides of the Goddess of Cats' personality, she was chosen to command all of Bastet's loyal Jaffa and saw to her mistress's every whim. Any Tau'ri who encountered Relana were surprised by her kind, caring side as she would often minister to sick children and protected groups of women from their deaths. She would not, however, even hesitate to slay any who opposed or attempted harm upon her god Bastet, and it was rare for anybody to survive a battle with her. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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