Regalia was a female Human that lived on the Island of Doom.


She was born in the hidden island where she was raised in the traditions and teachings of the Children of Ra. These Humans believed that Ra was a mighty deity who would one day return and ascend his followers to a better existence and thus they worked to protect the Stargate on their island. Regalia eventually rose amongst the ranks and was considered a leader amongst her people. By the modern age, her island was visited by strangers from another land which were led by Dr. Joel Murphy and Commander Alexandria Klaus. A spear was first thrown at Dr Murphy but this was destroyed by Alexandria Klaus whereupon the Children of Ra revealed themselves. Initially, Regalia warned them off but they did not understand her language though the trespassers guide Mutafa understood some of the language as it was a variant of his own native tongue. However, Regalia later revealed that she could speak English and once more warned them off as she learnt that they strangers intended to destroy the Stargate. Commander Klaus attempted to negotiate with her but when Regalia learnt that they still intended to destroy the Stargate, she decided to strike and attacked Alexandria.

Moments later, fighting emerged as both sides as the Children of Ra battled against the soldiers under Commander Klaus's command. Despite Alexandria Klaus's attempts at stopping it, her soldiers began firing on the natives leading to loss of life from both sides. Suddenly, the Stargate activated and a Star-Warrior emerged. Initially, Regalia showed reverance to the Guardian and sought its aid but it simply struck her whereupon it began attacking her people. Regalia quickly realized that the creature was not what she had taught and intended to battle the Star-Warrior but it proved to be impervious to harm and was quickly followed by others of its kind. Shortly afterwards, an aircraft carrier camped outside the island launched its fighters to destroy the Stargate which forced the alien guardians to retreat. Regalia and some of her people also managed to escape with Commander Klaus' expedition before the airstrike struck the region. (Stargate: "Doomsday World 1", "Doomsday World 2", "Doomsday World 3", "One Nation Under Ra")

She features in the alternate continuity of Stargate that does not feature SG-1.
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