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"She really is just a scared kid who unwittingly taught her toys how to become a weapon of destruction."
Daniel Jackson[src]

Reese was a female android created by an unknown person, known for creating the Replicators.


Reese was an incredibly advanced gynoid, composed of technology far ahead of Earth's. Unlike other androids encountered by Stargate Command, such as those constructed by the people of Altair, Reese did not rely on an outside power source, instead possessing an internal power cell. Reese was created to provide a very realistic illusion of humanity, and even had a pulse.

Reese's systems were maintained by millions of nanites, designed and programmed to work together as a self-repair mechanism. These microscopic machines deactivated when disconnected from the android's body. However, the nanobots used for self-repair were also able to reorder matter on a microscopic level, enabling her to create a variety of objects from raw material, including Replicator blocks.

The neurological systems, which were as complex as a human brain, required the presence of an activation chip in a slot near the android's neck. However, the personality contained within the android was flawed, and Reese appeared to have the mind of a child. This would eventually appear to be a critical error, as the android was smart enough to build the Replicators, yet was emotionally immature. Reese would overreact and refused to take responsibility for her mistakes, which resulted in the destruction of her world. This inability or refusal to accept responsibility for her own actions would also become apparent after she attacks Daniel when he reveals her true nature yet states that he had attacked her first.

Despite her immaturity, there are hints that Reese was more malevolent than her personality let on. As pointed out by Colonel Jack O'Neill, she lied and concealed information from the moment she woke up. She was insistent on going to the surface, despite repeatedly being told that it would have to wait. In addition, the Replicator she created, though supposedly a gift, was built with the ability to replicate. Once it was destroyed, Reese knew instantly, becoming upset and showing that she knew what it was doing. Reese also made enough blocks to make more than one in the first place so they could replicate from the start, and hid their existence.

In the end, however, Dr. Daniel Jackson got through to her, promising to wake her up as soon as they fixed the error in Reese's programming. Before she could do anything, Colonel O'Neill burst into the room and shot her. Immediately after this, all the replicators in the SG-C shut down. Daniel and Colonel O'Neill then disagreed on why the replicators stopped, whether she shut them down before she died or they shut down because she died.(SG1: "Menace")

After the discovery of the Asurans in the Pegasus Galaxy, who were based on nanites not unlike those of human-form Replicators, who themselves were based on the nanites used by Reese, it was theorized that the two technologies could be related. It is therefore possible that the scientist who created Reese was one of the Lanteans who fled back to the Milky Way after the Ancients' war with the Wraith was lost, or that Reese's creator discovered or otherwise had access to Ancient technology. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection", "The Pegasus Project") (SGA: "Progeny")


Reese was developed for unknown purposes on her homeworld by a scientist whom Reese considered her "father". The civilization on the world became afraid of Reese when she developed mechanical toys to counteract her boredom, and eventually tried to destroy her. She programmed her toys to make more of themselves and defend her and one another. Eventually, the toys destroyed her father and the rest of the civilization, then left her alone on the planet. (SG1: "Menace")

These machines would later be studied by the Asgard with disastrous results, and become known throughout the galaxy as the dreaded Replicators. (SG1: "Nemesis") Reese subsequently placed herself within a secure vault and went into stasis. (SG1: "Menace")

Discovery by SG-1[]

Some time later, Reese was discovered by SG-1 who returned her to Earth and reactivated her. Reese awoke, and when questioned about what had happened on her world, lied to Dr. Daniel Jackson, claiming ignorance. After several sessions of questioning in a cell by Jackson, she longed to discover the outside world beyond the pictures present on the walls of her cell. When she was confronted about her mechanical nature by Jackson, she angrily threw him into a bookshelf.

However, she regretted this and when Daniel returned she had built one of her toys for him. Jackson recognized the "toy" as a Replicator, one of the most deadly mechanical creations known to Stargate Command, and was shocked. The Replicator was quickly isolated in a container, but as Reese became angry during an interrogation, the Replicator acted accordingly and was destroyed by Teal'c.

Reese had felt the destruction of her toy, and subsequently constructed more of them, ordering them to protect her and enable her to escape. Reese and her Replicators managed to break out of the cell, disabling several of the base's officers. She and her forces eventually overwhelmed the Embarkation room, trying to activate the Stargate. Convinced that he could deactivate her, Jackson regained Reese's trust and was granted access to the Gate Room. However, after Reese foiled Daniels' plan, he eventually convinced her to shut down her "toy", and that returning to "sleep" was the best possible alternative. Before Reese could put herself in stasis, Colonel Jack O'Neill gained access to the Gate Room and shot her. As she permanently shut down, the Replicators all deactivated. It is unknown if this happened because she shut down, or if she instructed them to. (SG1: "Menace")

Reese's remains were given to the Asgard, who subsequently studied her. When Freyr visited the SGC, he revealed that they finally gained the upper hand in their battle against the Replicators. They attempted to repair her, but the damage proved to be too severe even for their technology. (SG1: "Revelations", "Unnatural Selection")

They later found a command inside Reese ("to come forth"), which allowed the Asgard to create a trap which captured all Replicators in the known universe in a time dilation field. However, the short encounter between the Replicators and their original creator eventually enabled them to develop nanite-based Human-form Replicators. Unfortunately they later escaped, but were eventually destroyed forever by the Dakara superweapon. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection", "Reckoning, Part 2")

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