This episode is part 1 of 2; it is followed by "Redemption, Part 2".

"Redemption, Part 1" is the first episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


As SG-1 struggle to come to terms with the loss of Dr. Daniel Jackson, Colonel Jack O'Neill is pressured by the Russians to allow a Russian to join SG-1. Jonas Quinn makes himself at home at Stargate Command, while Major Samantha Carter works on the new X-302 hyperspace fighter and Teal'c has an unhappy reunion with Rya'c. But things take a turn for the worse when the Stargate is left mysteriously open and slowly gathering energy which unless stopped will ultimately result in the destruction of Earth.


P2X-374 1

Teal'c, Jack and Captain Hagman heading for the Stargate.

The peace of P2X-374 is shattered when Colonel Jack O'Neill being supported by Captain Hagman yells for someone to dial the Stargate.

As Major Samantha Carter dials the Stargate, Teal'c of Chulak rushes to assist Hagman with Jack.

Seconds later, as the three head for the Stargate, a group of natives come rushing down the hills, attempting to attack the fleeing SG-1.

Back at Stargate Command, Sergeant Walter Harriman greets Major General George S. Hammond with Hammond telling Harriman to tell Carter that he has a message for her when she gets back.

Suddenly, Harriman realizes that there's an incoming wormhole and as he examines it, he tells Hammond that there's an IDC and it's a Code Red which Harriman stating that SG-1 are under fire.

This prompts Hammond to call for both the defense and medical teams.

As the defense teams arrive in, SG-1 arrive in through the Stargate, followed by a spear but Hagman is struck by a dart and knocked unconscious while Teal'c brings Jack to the infirmary with Jack muttering "Next" as they pass.

Hagman is tended to with one of the medics confirming to Hammond that he's got a steady pulse and that Hagman is just unconscious.

As she heads down the ramp, Carter tells Hammond that it looks like the planet can be classified as unfriendly and primitive with Hammond remarking that it looks that Hagman will need to be reassigned with Carter agreeing.

As she leaves to prepare for a briefing in an hour, Hammond tells her that this morning he got a call from Area 51 and that it is done.

A while later, Carter visits Jonas Quinn who's now occupying Daniel's office with classical music playing in the background.

Jonas is taken with the weather channels, comparing it to predicting the future. Carter then asks if he'd like to leave the Base with Jonas happily agreeing and wondering where they're going. Carter informs him that they're heading to Area 51. Jonas just asks Carter what he should wear before Carter leaves, stating that they call each other every morning.

A few hours later, Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Jonas arrive at a hangar and head into it where they discover the newly X-302 hyperspace fighter.

As Carter meets Dr. Larry Murphy, Jack, Jonas and Teal'c examine the aircraft for themselves. Unsurprisingly, Jack has misgivings about the test flight given what happened the last time he and Teal'c took part in a test.

Carter then tells Teal'c and Jonas that the X-302 if successful could be the first human-built spacecraft capable of interstellar travel given how it has a hyperdrive generator.

Back at Stargate Command, Jack sees Hammond and Colonel Chekov talking in Hammond's office with Jack trying to dodge, only for Hammond to call Jack in. Jack meets Chekov with Hammond revealing that the Russians want one of their officers to join SG-1

Jack denies the proposal, stating that it will happen over his rotting corpse while saying "Bite me" when asked to reconsider the offer.

As soon as Chekov has gone, Hammond tells Jack that SG-1 not choosing a fourth team member in the aftermath of Daniel's ascension is in turn is causing Hammond's own patience to run. With Jack on stand-down until his injury, Hammond has Jack go through numerous files in the hope of choosing a possible candidate suitable enough to join SG-1 with Jack reluctantly accepting.

Jonas arrives into Carter's lab and they talk about the X-302 with Jonas stating that he wants to be a member of SG-1. Carter then honestly tells Jonas that she can't see it happening.

In the gym, Jonas and Teal'c are having a boxing match with the two discussing Jack's mistrust in Jonas and both agree that Teal'c should talk with Jack.

In the cafeteria, as Jack goes through files, remarking that the universities are getting a little lax in their admissions, Teal'c talks about Jack adding Jonas to the team but Jack claims that Jonas is an alien which Teal'c doesn't like. Jack admits that he doesn't exactly trust Jonas to watch him in battle.

Suddenly, they're interrupted by the announcement that there's an unauthorized incoming wormhole which has some soldiers leaving the cafeteria.

As Jack and Teal'c head off, later joined by Carter, they see Hammond talking to Bra'tac of Chulak, Teal'c's mentor and father figure. Teal'c happily greets Bra'tac but Bra'tac has bad news: Teal'c's wife Drey'auc of the Cord'ai Plains is gravely ill.

Teal'c looks to Hammond with Hammond telling him, "No need to ask. Go".

Teal'c then heads off with Bra'tac as Jack and Carter look on.

A while later, in one of the SGC's elevators, Carter talks to Jonas about Teal'c. She reveals that in addition to Drey'auc, Teal'c has a son named Rya'c and that in the aftermath of Teal'c defecting to join the Tau'ri, the SGC and later SG-1, both Drey'auc and Rya'c were banished from Chulak and that at one point, the Goa'uld System Lord, Apophis, Teal'c's former Master attempted to use Ry'ac against them which later prompted Bra'tac to start looking out for both of them. She also tells Jonas that Teal'c tries to see his family as often as he can but given he's always out on missions with SG-1, it's not easy.

Jonas implies about Teal'c bringing Drey'auc and Rya'c to the SGC but Carter states that Drey'auc wanted to stay with her own people.

As they leave the elevator, Carter and Jonas talk some more but they're later interrupted by a furious Colonel Chekov who has learned about the X-302.

In Hammond's office, Chekov is stating his complaints to Hammond with both Jack and Sam in attendance when suddenly, the alarm goes off, causing Sam to wonder what's going on now while Hammond states that he'll take anything over this.

In the Stargate Operations room, Carter examines things but there's no IDC, no radio signal, nothing. Harriman reports that there's nothing from space watch either.

Hammond tells Carter to figure it out and that he'll go call the President while Jack tells Carter he's got nothing.

On a planet, Teal'c and Bra'tac are discussing things with Teal'c suggesting all the Jaffa who support their cause can go the outpost built by the Tau'ri but Bra'tac states that Drey'auc is no state to be moved right now and reveals that he brought Teal'c here against Drey'auc's own wishes with Teal'c believing that Drey'auc has always been proud.

The two Jaffa discuss the possibility of a symbiote for Drey'auc but Bra'tac states that Drey'auc herself did not want one, especially from one who worshiped the false Gods.

When Teal'c protests, Bra'tac states that things have changed and that the descent they've brought has triggered many changes which also means that the Goa'uld no longer trust the Jaffa priests with their young as they once did.

They're interrupted by Rya'c of Chulak, Teal'c's teenage son emerging from the tent but when Teal'c calls him, Rya'c is hostile, stating that Teal'c has dared to show his face before revealing that Drey'auc is dead.

As Rya'c heads off, Teal'c is left completely stunned by the news.

At Stargate Command, in the Briefing Room, Hammond, Carter and Jack are examining the still active Stargate. Hammond wonders if it's a malfunction but Carter doubts it, suggesting that they wait until the Stargate shuts down because to her knowledge, no-one's been able to sustain an open wormhole for longer than thirty-eight minutes.

When it becomes apparent that the Stargate is still active, Carter admits that they've got a problem.

Redemption, Part 1 1

Teal'c upon seeing the body of his wife, Drey'auc.

On the planet, Teal'c then enters the tent and sees Drey'auc's dead body which has him breaking down and crying.

In a forest, Teal'c later confronts Rya'c who tells Teal'c that he is ashamed of Teal'c for all Teal'c has done nothing but bring pain, shame and above all, false hope to countless Jaffa.

Wielding his staff weapon, Rya'c then starts to give Teal'c a vicious beating while demanding that Teal'c fight him. Teal'c simply stands there, silently taking the beatings.

At Stargate Command, as Harriman heads off, Carter arrives in and talks to Lieutenant Graham Simmons with Simmons telling Carter that there's a rise in power which has been happening for the last twelve minutes.

Tests are run and Carter discovers that there's a slight surge with Carter telling Simmons that this has a distinct pattern.

Back in the forest, Teal'c is taking the beating.

Bra'tac later intervenes, telling Rya'c that he should be grateful that Teal'c does not fight for if Teal'c did, he would snap Rya'c in half.

Bra'tac tells Rya'c that while he has become a skilled warrior, a true Jaffa warrior does not let grief cloud their judgment.

Rya'c is still furious with Teal'c although Bra'tac states that all Jaffa are victims of the Goa'uld.

Bra'tac later gives the staff weapon back to Rya'c who storms off as Teal'c looks on.

Back at the SGC, Carter reveals to Hammond and Jack that the energy is continually rising and that the gate will eventually explode, which will even cause the destruction of Earth.

Even worse, Carter and the scientists at the SGC have no idea how to stop this from happening.

It's nighttime and as everyone gathers, Teal'c lights Drey'auc's funeral pyre and watches as her remains are cremated. Teal'c talks to Bra'tac who reveals that Rya'c has been harboring strong doubts ever since Apophis brainwashed him.

On Bra'tac's encouragement, Teal'c talks to Rya'c with Teal'c revealing how he too was captured by Apophis and brainwashed with Teal'c even turning against his friends.

Teal'c tells Ry'ac that he doesn't need to win back Teal'c's trust because Ry'ac never lost it in the first place.

With that, father and son embrace.

At Stargate Command, numerous civilians and military personnel are attempting to come up with an idea. One officer suggests cutting the power to the Stargate but Simmons dismisses it, stating that Carter still wants to be able to monitor the Gate through feedback activity.

As they head off, Sylvester Siler tells another man that they can't use the Russian Gate because they can't dial out of another Gate where there's already an established incoming wormhole to Earth.

As this goes on, Jonas looks up at the Control Room.

In the Control Room, a female scientist tells Carter that the energy build-up has reached eighteen per cent. Carter states that there has to be a way to drain the capacitors.

Suddenly, she's interrupted by a male voice telling her that she's still sexy as ever.

Rodney McKay 8

Rodney McKay arriving at the SGC, having been summoned from Russia by orders of the Pentagon.

As she turns around, it's revealed that the voice is none other than her estranged rival, Dr. Rodney McKay. Carter is not happy about McKay's return, wondering what he's doing here.

McKay tells her that there's no point in building Naquadah reactors for Russia if there isn't going to be a Russia and that the Pentagon thought Carter could need some help.

"Not from you", Carter snaps.

McKay just smiles, telling her that he'll go get a coffee and a doughnut and wait for the big bang. As he heads off, Carter is furious, muttering that that's just what she needs before she's interrupted by Harriman.

Carter takes the headset and talks to the caller.

While Chekov is angry that there is nothing they can do, Carter arrives in and tells them that the X-302 will soon be ready to go so that they can contact the Asgard.

In the meantime, a Jaffa named Shaq'rel comes with a Tel'tak and warns Teal'c and Bra'tac that Anubis is going to attack Earth's Stargate. They start to dial the worlds which belong to Anubis and finally find out which world the weapon is on.

Rodney McKay 2

McKay in the SGC control room, listening to Jack and Carter's attempts to contact the Asgard.

O'Neill and Carter then prepare to start with X-302 but Jonas and McKay tell Hammond that the hyperspace engine won't work because of the instability of the Naquadria. They nevertheless start and all looks good but when they want to enter hyperspace, they miss the window and the mission is canceled.

Back at the SGC, Carter discusses what went wrong with the ship but they can only assume what caused the problem. O'Neill later talks with Carter but she doesn't know what to do.

Suddenly the lights start to flash and when Jack and Sam both enter the gate room, it's all quiet.

Anubis' attack on the Stargate

Anubis appears in the Embarkation Room.

Suddenly, a hologram of Anubis appears, causing the guards to aim their weapons at it.

Carter then realizes that the holographic image probably came from when Anubis downloaded Thor's mind in the computer of his ship.

The Goa'uld tells them in a very dramatic way that they will all be destroyed soon.

It then cuts to Jack who simply mutters, "Oh, please", obviously annoyed at Anubis' actions.



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Notable quotes[]

Jonas: Hey Major? How do I know what color to wear?
Carter: We call each other every morning.

Hammond: Colonel Chekov feels that as a symbol of our joint efforts, a Russian officer should be assigned to join SG-1.
O'Neill: Over my rotting corpse, sir.
Hammond: Colonel.
O'Neill: I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?
Hammond: I said I would discuss it with you and that I was sure you would give it some careful thought.
O'Neill: And that I will, General, but I'm still pretty sure I'll say, "Bite me."

O'Neill: Y'know, I can be as diplomatic and open-minded as anyone.

O'Neill: Hammond is insisting SG-1 needs a socio-political nerd to offset our overwhelming coolness.
Teal'c: Have you considered Jonas Quinn?
O'Neill: Now I know you've been practicing, but I still can't tell. Is that a joke?
Teal'c: He wishes to join the fight against the Goa'uld.
O'Neill: He's an ali... (realizing his gaffe) ...ien. He's an alien.

McKay: Still sexy as ever, I see.
Carter: What are you doing here?
McKay: Well there's no point in building Naquadah reactors for Russia if there isn't going to be a Russia, is there.

Carter: Navigation?
O'Neill: Check.
Carter: Oxygen, pressure, temperature control?
O'Neill: All check.
Carter: Inertial dampeners?
O'Neill: Cool... and check.
Carter: Engines?
O'Neill: All check. Phasers?
Carter: Sorry, sir. All systems operational.

Carter: They're still analyzing the flight data recorder, but it looks like a 605-3 error.
Hammond: Forgive me?
O'Neill: It's the one after 605-2, sir.

O'Neill: Why aren't you downstairs with the rest of the eggheads?  Not that you're an egghead.  Well, you are... but... in a good way.
Carter: I couldn't think down there. They all kept looking at me for the answer.
O'Neill: Well, you do have a penchant for pulling brilliant ideas out of your butt... head... out of your head, when we need them.
Carter: Not this time.

Carter: What about you sir? Any ideas? I mean sometimes you have a way of seeing things at their simplest...
O'Neill: Thank you. (pause) I'm gonna go eat some cake.
Carter: I think I'll join you.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode features a brand new opening sequence, with various shots of the gate spinning, and Michael Shanks's name being removed to make way for Corin Nemec's in between Christopher Judge and Don S. Davis. When Judge's name comes up, the glyph followed by the camera is the point of origin for Chulak.
  • The events of this episode take place three months after the events of "Meridian" and "Revelations".
  • This is the first original episode to air on the Sci-Fi Channel after moving from Showtime after five seasons.


  • Just before the opening credits, Major Samantha Carter hands over her P-90, and the man handling the weapon pays no attention to where the gun is pointed. Considering SG-1 had just returned from the planet, the weapon was certainly loaded, albeit maybe switched to safe. Regardless, any weapon should be handled safely and responsibly, and definitely not pointed at a person you don't want to shoot.
  • There was an intentional goof in the 18th minute of the episode: a monitor displayed the time that the wormhole had been active, but its reflection was not reflected mirror-inverted in the briefing room window, but displayed forwardly. On the DVD, the writers revealed that this was done on purpose so that the viewer would have a concept of the time running out even when the timer wasn't in shot.
  • When Carter enters the control room, an image of the Stargate shows that the gate is inactive, despite it actually being active.
  • In the elevator scene around the 14 minute mark, before Carter and Jonas Quinn enter the elevator, you can clearly see the lines on the floor leading into a wall. This is due to the wall being a movable prop placed in the corridor outside the elevator, which is then removed while the elevator is closed to reveal the full corridor once the elevator re-opens.

Other languages[]

  • French: Rédemption (1ère partie) (Redemption (Part 1))
  • Italian: Redenzione (Parte 1) (Redemption (Part 1))
  • Spanish: Redención (Parte 1) (Redemption (Part 1))
  • Czech: Spása (1. část) (Redemption (Part 1))
  • Hungarian: Megváltás I. (Redemption I.)
  • German: Wiedergutmachung, Teil 1 (Redemption, Part 1)
  • Russian: Освобождение, Часть 1 (Redemption, Part 1)
  • Catalan: Redempció, 1a part (Redemption (Part 1))

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