This episode is part 2 of 3; it is preceded by "Reckoning, Part 1" and followed by "Threads".

"Reckoning, Part 2" is the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


After successfully taking Dakara, Teal'c and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter realize that the temple has a weapon that can defeat the Replicators once and for all. However, they have to work fast, as the Replicators discover about the temple also, as well as Ba'al's forces, to destroy it. Meanwhile, the Replicators attack Stargate Command.

Previously on Stargate SG-1

The Replicators invade the Milky Way and launch an attack on the Goa'uld. Dr. Daniel Jackson is kidnapped and his mind is probed by Replicator Carter. After the Jaffa Rebellion captures the planet Dakara, Anubis orders Ba'al to stop engaging the Replicators and retake the planet. Replicator Carter discovers the location of a weapon capable of destroying all Replicators in Jackson's mind.


Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Jacob Carter get inside the Temple, and find the Dakara superweapon. They quickly realize that it can be reprogrammed to disrupt any specific type of matter, rather than just everything. Sam realizes that if she changes its wave-output to match that of an enhanced Replicator disruptor, the weapon can be used to destroy every Replicator in the galaxy simultaneously, giving them no time to adapt. However, to extend the blast-radius of the Weapon to encompass the entire galaxy, they will have to reprogram the Dakara Stargate to dial out to every other Stargate in the galaxy. This is a feat that they know Ba'al is probably capable of (having demonstrated extensive knowledge of the workings of the Stargate network in "Avenger 2.0").

Sam relays her plans to Teal'c, and Teal'c contacts Ba'al. Ba'al refuses to listen, but Teal'c explains the situation anyway. He merely asks that Ba'al slow down his approach towards Dakara to allow Sam time to realign the Superweapon to destroy all the Replicators, which will defeat a common enemy.

Ba'al uses the Goa'uld hologram communication device to appear inside the temple next to Sam, and she, Jacob (grudgingly) and Ba'al work together to try to make the device work. Ba'al will reprogram the Stargate. They have to change the weapon's wave-pattern to resemble that of the Replicator Disruptor to within a degree of 0.76%, and the difference is currently large. A random suggestion by Ba'al improves the situation, prompting him to state "I am a god. Gods are all-knowing."

Time is running out. Replicator Carter is still probing Dr. Daniel Jackson's mind because she wants to assimilate all the Ascended knowledge it contains. However, there is too much there, and it strains the entire Replicator army to hold even a portion of it. It is infinite knowledge, "all the knowledge and power of the universe."

At the same time, however, RepliCarter goes against her word and attacks Stargate Command. Replicators begin to flood the place. The mountain goes into full alert, with Brigadier General Jack O'Neill being backed into a corner as the Replicators take over the base. He and the few who haven't gotten out are now desperately fighting for their lives. Cut off from the surface and with the base set to be nuked, they try to escape through the Stargate, but MSgt. Sylvester Siler has trouble dialing out due to the Replicators' attempts to gain control of the computer systems.

The Replicators land on Dakara and begin flooding into it. They know they are in danger. Sam desperately tries to finish aligning the weapon.

In the meantime, Daniel has used the link between his and RepliCarter's mind to secretly probe back into her mind all this time. RepliCarter realizes he has done this and tries breaks the link - but it is too late. Daniel locks her with him in the mental link probing her mind. Suddenly Daniel finds a way of assuming control of her Replicator army, ? but it is too much for his mind to handle, there are too many of them.

Daniel only succeeds in freezing every Replicator in the galaxy for a few moments. This gives Jacob enough time to get the Dakara superweapon to within an acceptable margin of the wave-pattern with the Disruptor, and he sets it off. It slowly rises out of the mountain and charges up. Now they can only pray it will work, as Daniel loses control of the Replicators, they spring back into attack, RepliCarter breaks free of Daniel's mental grip, and stabs him.

Ba'al dials every other gate in the galaxy, and every shot of every gate opening is replayed. In the last moments, Sam is with a last fight machine-gunning the Replicators that are only meters away, Teal'c is fighting on the Ha'tak, O'Neill is defending himself in a corner as the Replicators swarm the remaining portions of the SGC, and Daniel drops to the floor, dead.

Then the Dakara superweapon blasts, and a bubble of light explodes from the mountain-top, passes through the gate, and shoots through the galaxy. Every Replicator everywhere is destroyed, including RepliCarter, at last. All is saved.

Ba'al's Kull warrior being neutralized by one shot of the disruptors.

File:P90 Kull disrupter.JPG

Bra'tac levels a P90 at the false god Ba'al.

Ba'al laughs. Now that the Replicators are gone, he is free to take back Dakara. However, not all has gone to his plan. Rebel Jaffa had boarded his ship and have him surrounded. None of his subjects any longer sees him as a god. They make to kill him, but he escapes, inexplicably, by the use of an Asgard transporter.

The Jaffa Rebellion has succeeded, and they make the Temple of Dakara the center of their new Free Jaffa Nation. Jaffa loyal to the System Lords had all come together to help. The SGC receives a message that Thor had survived by transferring his mind to his ship's computer and was ready to get in a clone body. Yet Carter and O'Neill can't help but wonder about what happened to Daniel.


Al'kesh; Ancient; Ancient control panel; Ancient language; Armsel Striker; Asgard; Avenger; Battle of Dakara; Bible; C-4; Cheyenne Mountain; Chicken; Dial Home Device; Dakara; Dakara superweapon; Death Glider; Delmak; Goa'uld; Lt. General George S. Hammond; Ha'tak; President Henry Hayes; Helicopter; Jaffa Rebellion; Kull; Kull disruptor; Level 8; Naquadah; Nuclear warhead; P3X-439; Replicator; Replicator attack on Stargate Command; Replicator disruptor; Repository of knowledge; Shel kek nem ron; Shol'va; Spider ship; Temple of Dakara; Thor; Tok'ra; USAS-12 automatic shotgun

Notable Quotes

A'ron: We will be vastly outnumbered by Ba'al's forces.
Tolok: I refuse to consider a strategy that demands the deliberate sacrifice of Jaffa lives.
A'ron: What then do you advocate, prayer perhaps?

Teal'c: All of the hardship, the suffering, the sacrifices we have made for our cause will end today one way or another. This battle will decide the fate of all Jaffa.
Aron: This is madness.
Teal'c: So too at one time was the very thought of our freedom.

(While translating the writing on the wall in the temple)
Carter: "Midday the darkness is high in the sky"? You sure about that?
Jacob: (Selmak) That is what it says.
Carter: It doesn't make much sense.
Jacob: Yeah, well, neither does "the wind blows on the pillow" or "three days to the chicken".

Jackson: Its not just processing the information, its understanding it at whole different level which you are not capable of.
RepliCarter: Why do you say that?
Jackson: Because you're a machine.
RepliCarter: So are you, just of weaker construction.
Jackson: That's where you're wrong.

Reynolds: We have a problem, sir. Six SGC personnel are trapped on level eight. Cut off from the emergency escape hatch.
O'Neill: Siler?
Reynolds: Siler.
O'Neill: Oh Siler. Let's go.

Ba'al: How were you able to develop this replicator disruptor technology in the first place?
Carter: General O'Neill built it using Ancient knowledge and an Asgard computer.
Ba'al: O'Neill? The mere thought of that makes me sick.

Ba'al: (pointing at the Ancient interface tablet) That one.
Jacob: How do y'know?
Ba'al: I'm a god and gods are all-knowing.

(Reynolds is at the blast door preparing explosives to free Siler)
O'Neill: Use two of those things.
Reynolds: (looks at O'Neill) Sir?
O'Neill: Its a "Blast Door!"

O'Neill: Siler?
Siler: Thank you Sir!
O'Neill: I expect to be put in your Will!
Siler: Already in it Sir!
O'Neill: Ok, that's .... weird.

(Replicators freeze at SGC)
O'Neill: Well, that's odd.
(O'Neill and Reynolds open fire on dormant replicators.)

Teal'c: Surrender and you will be granted mercy.
Ba'al: You are in no position to make such ridiculous demands. You are surrounded.
Teal'c: On the contrary, it is you who are surrounded by FREE Jaffa.
[Both Kull Warriors are hit by Kull disrupter blasts, as Bra'tac and 4 other P90 armed Jaffa storm Ba'al's Peltak and surround his throne]
Bra'tac: Behold, your false god!
(Ba'al laughs and beams out as Bra'tac fires)


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  • The gates depicted activating at the end were the following:
  • This episode is Michael Shanks' 150th episode.
  • The images of Ba'al and Anubis' homeworld are stock footage of Delmak, Sokar's homeworld. Netu is clearly visible in the sky.
  • The Dakara superweapons control panel appears to be the same prop as the Ancient control panel featured in season four's "Window Of Opportunity".
  • The wall/door of Ancient text on Dakara contains phrases such as "...these rules shall be obeyed at all times under penalty of the highest degree..." and "...this device must only be used for betterment of life or for self-preservation..."
  • It is not explained why Anubis still needs to possess a human host instead of creating another force field like his original guise
  • When the Replicators are frozen in place on Dakara at about 34:30 into the episode, a replicator affixed onto the side of the small wall next to the stairs can be both seen and heard falling off.
  • Brigadier General Jack O'Neill said it was weird that he was in MSgt. Sylvester Siler's will, however, in "Lost City, Part 1" he declared that, should he die as a result of the knowledge within his mind, Siler would get his collection of Simpsons video cassettes, although this might have been just a gag on his part.
  • When Replicator Carter is probing Daniel Jackson's mind, he states at one point that she lied to him about not attacking Earth. However, Replicator Carter had offered to spare Earth and him only if he stopped resisting the probing, so technically, she hadn't lied to him because she had never really made the deal with him.
  • This episode marks the death of Replicator Carter,
  • This episode marks the collapse of the Goa'uld Empire. After nine years of fighting, the Tau'ri won the war against the Goa'uld.
  • In the Season 9 episode "Ripple Effect", a version of Teal'c from an alternate reality refers to this episode, indicating that these events likewise occurred in his reality.
  • This episode received the 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series.
  • Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks do not share a scene in either episode.
  • Carter makes a reference to the episode Avenger 2.0 when she mentions that Ba'al triggered a correlative update which spread the computer virus throughout the stargate system.




In other languages

  • French: La Dernière Chance (2ème partie) (The Last Chance (part 2))
  • Italian: La Resa dei Conti (Parte 2) (The Reckoning (part 2))
  • Spanish: La Hora de la Verdad (Parte 2) (Moment of Truth (part 2)
  • Czech: Poslední boj (část 2.) (The Last Stand (part 2))
  • German: Abrechnung, Teil 2 (Reckoning, Part 2)
  • Hungarian: Leszámolás (2. rész) (Reckoning (part 2))

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