This episode is part 1 of 3; it is followed by "Reckoning, Part 2" and "Threads".

"Reckoning, Part 1" is the sixteenth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


The Replicators arrive in the Milky Way and begin an all out assault on the Goa'uld. After they are wiped out, they will turn to the Human populations for resources. Dr. Daniel Jackson is captured by Replicator Carter, in order to get into his memories from while he was ascended. In the meantime, Teal'c and Bra'tac plan on getting the Jaffa free once and for all, by taking the holy land on Dakara, one of Ba'al's strongholds.


Selkhet, an emissary of Ba'al, offers a "generous" term of surrender to the three remaining System Lords. The term is that the System Lords may continue to administer their domain, however they must pledge their allegiance to Ba'al. Suddenly, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter is brought on board. She was captured by one of the two Kull Warriors serving as sentries of Selkhet. Yu questions her.

Unfortunately, it is not the real Carter but in fact her psychopathic doppelganger, Replicator Carter. Her right arm turns into a massive blade and she stabs Yu, killing him instantly as the other Goa'uld in attendance look on, horrific. Then it goes to an external shot showing the Replicator cruiser approaching the Hasara space station.

In the next scene a Ha'tak is in orbit, and on board on the Pel'tak level Teal'c and Bra'tac are commanding the vessel. They are soon joined by Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson. They are accompanying Teal'c and Bra'tac as observers on one of the first formal attacks by the Rebel Jaffa. Sam "observes" that it may not be wise to continue without reinforcements, and Daniel remarks that this may lead to the death of the "observers". Yet Bra'tac and Teal'c contend that the effort is underway. The conversation is interrupted when another Ha'tak ship exits out of hyperspace. Teal'c begins the mission by transmitting the security code to confirm they are allies, in an attempt to get the other ship to lower their shields for boarding. However, the ship fires at the ship Teal'c is on and easily overwhelms their defense. Without weapons, shield, or engines Bra'tac, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c head for the level with Transportation rings to ring down to the planet. As they proceed to that level they are caught by a horde of Replicators. As they flee, Daniel is beamed away much to Carter's horror.

In the next scene, Jacob Carter/Selmak arrives to inform Brigadier General Jack O'Neill that the replicators will soon defeat the Goa'uld and then proceed to conquer the galaxy. In a laboratory, Jacob explains that the Tok'ra over the past few years have begun an effort to track the movement of as many Goa'uld mothership. This information is accessible on a secret subspace network. Jack is dismayed to learn such a thing existed, which highlights the ongoing lack of trust between the supposed allies. By tapping into the network, it is revealed that the Goa'uld are losing countless battles across the galaxy.

The gravity of the situation is interrupted when an incoming wormhole is announced. Jack and Jacob leave the lab for the gate room. Bra'tac, Sam and Teal'c arrive. When Jack questions where Daniel was, Sam reveals that he was taken by the replicators led by Sam's Replicator double, Replicator Carter. When asked why, Carter replies that Daniel was once ascended and may know a means of destroying the replicators (the weapon that was once effective against the replicators was of Ancient origins).

In a meeting Jacob reveals that the effort of the Rebel Jaffa movement was waning. Numerous Jaffa were re-pledging their loyalties back to Ba'al and other Goa'uld. Bra'tac reaffirms this statement stating that many Jaffa see the replicators as a plague unleashed by their "gods" as punishment for their betrayal. Later in that meeting, Sam informs the others that Thor hasn't had much luck in modifying the weapon that once was effective against the replicators. Sam will later be transported aboard Thor's ship to help in the effort to modify the weapon.

Meanwhile, Teal'c and Bra'tac discuss the critical situation of the rebellion movement. To restore the faith and momentum of the movement, Teal'c suggest taking the temple at Dakara. The temple is considered a holy site amongst Jaffa. It was there that the "gods" gave strength and longevity to the Jaffa and it is there that the Jaffa were bonded to eternal servitude. By capturing the temple, it will strike a blow to the image that the Gou'ald are gods. In agreement, both head to Jack's office to inform him of their plan to take the temple. Jack questions the simplicity of the plan. As Jack says, "There has to be a catch. Otherwise you guys would have done this a long time ago". It is revealed that under normal circumstances, the temple at Dakara is heavily fortified. However, with the element of surprise and the fact that Ba'al is using his forces to counter the replicators, the planet should be relatively undefended.

The next scene shows Daniel trapped in the same prison that once held Sam and presumably the same room where Replicator Carter was born. As Daniel glances, Replicator Carter soon emerges and greets Daniel with Daniel wondering what the Hell she wants. Replicator Carter tells Daniel that he will be interrogated to obtain certain information. When Daniel says he will answer honestly to avoid the whole "hand-in-the-head" thing, RepliCarter replies it's not a matter of honesty but rather that the information which is buried in his subconscious. As such, Daniel is pinned to the wall with shackles holding his arms, legs and head in place before Replicator Carter announces that they're going to begin.

On Chulak, Teal'c and Bra'tac persuade others of the rebellion leadership to attack the temple of Dakara. The others at first voice their doubts. However Bra'tac and Teal'c lay out their argument that with Ba'al distracted and the element of surprise the planet will be easily taken. Realizing a golden opportunity to deal a death blow to the Gou'ald stranglehold, the leadership agrees.

Back on Earth, Jacob is becoming concerned at the rate of conquest by the replicators. He suggests to Jack to inform Ba'al to change tactics, mainly retreat and stop aggressively attacking the replicators. Jack is wary of Jacob's suggestion, because it would mean that Ba'al would notice the attack on Dakara. Therefore, he will use his fleet to crush the attack and possibly kill Teal'c. The conversation is interrupted when an incoming wormhole is announced. Although no IDC is received, eventually a hologram with Ba'al appears. Ba'al wishes to ally with the Tau'ri, namely to get the weapon used against the replicators. Jack at first gloats over Ba'al's request, then flatly rejects it by stating, "Why don't we sit back and watch while you get your ass kicked".

While the rebel Jaffa attacks Dakara, Daniel is strangely baffled to find himself in the same clothing and setting where he was first found on Vis Uban. Oma Desala appears before him telling him of the situation, and states she is there to guide him for ascension again.

On the planet Delmak, seemingly Ba'al's new homeworld, Ba'al approaches the throne room. On the throne is a sickly man with numerous lesions on his face and body. Ba'al gives a report on the current state of the war with the replicators, essentially he is losing. The man, a Goa'uld, retorts that Ba'al should not be concerned, and ask Ba'al to trust in him.

Later back at the SGC, Sam reports that she and Thor may have come up with a modification to the weapon allowing it to work again. She states that they need to do some battlefield testing. While Sam and Thor locate the nearest replicator infested ship, it is shown that the rebel Jaffa attack on Dakara was successful. They were able to capture the temple without much resistance. Thor has located a ship and fires the newly modified weapon. It cleanses the ship of the infestation. Another replicator-controlled ship arrives, and Thor fires on that ship. However, the replicators have adapted and so they flee into hyperspace.

Reckoning, Part 1 1

Anubis switching host.

Ba'al returns to Delmak and interrupts the Goa'uld, who is taking control of yet another host. When he is done, Ba'al informs him that the rebel Jaffa has taken Dakara. The Goa'uld grins and stated that he foresaw this. He knows that all the rebels are on the planet and know they are presented with the chance to once and for all destroy the rebellion. Ba'al is told to break off his fleet with the Replicators and take back Dakara.

Thor's ship has now been affected and in a valiant effort, transports Sam back on Earth and to force the ship as far away from Earth as possible. On Dakara the rebellion learns that Ba'al has broken off contact with the replicators and is heading towards them.

Back in Daniel's world, the discussion between Daniel and Oma ends when Daniel sees through RepliCarter's disguise. Knowing it was fruitless to continue, RepliCarter appears and informs Daniel that she has found it: a weapon built by the Ancients that is capable of killing her and the replicators. The weapon is on a planet named Dakara.

Back at the SGC, MSgt. Sylvester Siler and MSgt. Walter Harriman are nervously hosting an amused Ba'al, awaiting Jack. He informs Jack that he has learned of a weapon hidden on Dakara, and wants Jack to destroy it before he can claim it, because it is capable of destroying all life in the galaxy. There is someone who would use it, and would be capable of surviving the weapon: Anubis.



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Notable quotes[]

Jackson: Teal'c, the odds are not in our favor.
Teal'c: They never are, Daniel Jackson.

O'Neill: Jacob!
Jacob: Jack, we've got a problem. We need to talk.
O'Neill: Hi. Hello. How are you? Long time no see. What's doing? What's up? Hey buddy.
Jacob: I'm sorry, Jack, it's good to see you again. Congratulations on your promotion.
O'Neill: Thanks.
Jacob: You deserve it.
O'Neill: Yes, well… What's up?
Jacob: The Replicators. They've launched an all-out attack on the Goa'uld. If the Goa'uld can't find a way to stop them the Replicators will easily overrun our galaxy in a matter of weeks.
O'Neill: Why didn't you say so?
(Jacob walks out of the gate room, O'Neill following close behind.)
O'Neill: I'm sorry! You said we had a "problem," not a big galactic emergency.

O'Neill: You know, we could have used something like this a long time ago.
Jacob: The High Council never thought they could trust you with it.
O'Neill: What changed their mind?
Jacob: Nothing. They don't know I took it. My relationship with the Council is still a little strained.
O'Neill: It's not going to get any better if you keep stealing stuff. No complaints! I'll take anything I can get - weapons, receivers... silverware.

O'Neill: Ba'al, buddy. We were just talking about you. All good.
Ba'al: By now you are aware of the Replicator threat in our galaxy, and that my fleet has engaged them in battle.
O'Neill: There's been a little chit…and chat, around the water cooler. How's that going?
Ba'al: We're holding them at bay for the moment. However, they are a more formidable force than I first anticipated.
O'Neill: Yeah, pesky little buggers, aren't they?
Ba'al: I am aware that the Asgard have previously fought the Replicators, effectively.
O'Neill: More or less. I don't like to toot my own horn, but…
Ba'al: I am aware that you assisted the Asgard.
O'Neill: Yes?
Ba'al: I wish to know what means you possess to fight the scourge.
O'Neill: I'm sorry. We must have had a bad connection there for a second. It almost sounded like you were asking me for HELP.
Ba'al: The replicators are a threat to everyone. Including the countless humans who populate worlds throughout this galaxy. Now I propose that we work together to defeat our common enemy.
O'Neill: My. This is an occasion. You know that bitter taste in your throat that's kind of wrapped around your uvula? That's what's left of your pride.
Ba'al: Perhaps you could curb your amusement for a moment.
Jacob: If we're going to work together, the first thing we should discuss is strategy. Now, your attempts at meeting the Replicators head on are only going to result…
O'Neill: Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.
Jacob: What?
O'Neill: I got this.
(O'Neill turn to face Ba'al, a slight smirk on his face.)
O'Neil: I've got a better idea: why don't we sit back and watch you get your ass kicked! That way you'll be dead, and we'll be glad.
Ba'al: You cannot be serious.
O'Neill: Yes I can. I just choose not to... some of the time.
Ba'al: With your insolence you are dooming not just your world but all of humanity.
O'Neill: I think big.

O'Neill: I am so sorry. I was just finishing up a lovely brunch.
Ba'al: Impudence.
O'Neill: No. Tuna.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode likely marks the death of the oldest Goa'uld System Lord, Yu-huang Shang Ti, as he was stabbed in the chest and seen collapsing. Yu was the longest running Goa'uld recurring character. He was first introduced in the Season Three episode "Fair Game" and was the last surviving major Goa'uld from that time.
  • With the death of Yu, Anubis and Ba'al are the longest surviving major Goa'uld. Ba'al was introduced in the Season Five episode "Summit" and Anubis was first referred to by name in the same episode, but did not appear until "Revelations".
  • It is not explained why Anubis still needs to possess a human host instead of creating another force field like his original guise. Its also never explained how he escaped KS7-535 without using his Ascended powers and drawing the wrath of the Others. It is entirely possible that the extended absence discussed by the System Lords could plausibly be attributed to this and therefore the process of creating a force field might actually be quite extensive.


  • At 4:40 Teal'c mentions the presence of a Jaffa contingent aboard their vessel, yet afterwards they are never mentioned again as if they did not exist. Even when formulating ways on abadoning ship mere minutes later, nobody present in the scene considers (or even mentions a way to) evacuate the other Jaffa and only discuss ways they, personally, can leave.

Other languages[]

  • French: La Dernière Chance (1ère partie) (The Last Chance (part 1))
  • Italian: La Resa dei Conti (Parte 1) (The Reckoning (part 1))
  • Spanish: La Hora De la Verdad (Parte 1) (Moment of Truth (part 1)
  • Czech: Poslední boj, část 1. (The Last Fight, part 1)
  • German: Abrechnung, Teil 1 (Reckoning, Part 1)
  • Hungarian: Leszámolás (1. rész) (Reckoning (part 1))

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