"Not bad, huh?"
Hunter Riley[src]

Recharging plates, also known as charging plates, is an Ancient device used to wirelessly charge electronics. The only known device is aboard the Destiny and was initially only compatible with Ancient technology, but was modified by Sgt. Hunter Riley and other members of the Destiny expedition to also charge Earth technology. By placing an object on the surface for a short time, it is recharged, however leaving an object (at least one of Tau'ri origin) on the plate for too long will "fry" it.

Riley, who named the device, demonstrated its use to Colonel Everett Young by placing a flashlight with a dead battery on the surface of the recharging plate and making it functional again. Unfortunately, this came at a time when the Destiny was losing power and he was ordered to turn the device off until further notice. (SGU: "Darkness")

Since Destiny recharged itself with a star, recharging plates became available once more. However, a few months later, Destiny went into a power saving mode to prepare trans-galactic flight. One of the systems affected were the plates, which were shut down. Dr. Dale Volker attempted to bring them back on line. (SGU: "Lost")

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