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R.J. Harrison is a Cadet who works at Stargate Command. A youngster who recently graduated from the academy and a member of Major Gus Bonner's team. He escapes with him through the Stargate with the chrysalis in order to get it out of harm's way.

History[edit | edit source]

Before he became a member of Bonner's team, Harrison was an avid swimmer. So much so that he would brag about how good he was. Including mentioning gold metals he won and a swimming record he broke. He even bragged to the aquatic race the Su'ri, who were natural born swimmers. He also accepted to compete against them in a dangerous swimming race. He has also mentioned an initiation he went through for his school swimming team that involved jumping off a high board, shaving his head and getting painted blue. Then said "Those where the days." (INF: "Hot Water") (INF: "Initiation")

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