"It is unbelievable. Everything is in here."
Simon Coombs[src]

Schematics for the pyramid being displayed.

The Pyramid control room was a location inside a Goa'uld pyramid where the central computer was to be found.


The control room held a computer console through which an operator was capable of accessing the various technological systems of the pyramid. This included communications, schematics and force field control for both prison cells as well as for the pyramid itself.

The room was a specialist well protected chamber deep inside the pyramid where a panel was located. Once the correct set of commands were inputted, the screen activated which displayed various pieces of code in a holo-image.



Two operators accessing the computer console.

Dr. Jay Felger and his colleague Dr. Simon Coombs dressed up as Jaffa and managed to infiltrate the pyramids control room on Khonsu's Pyramide outpost. Once there, they tapped into the communication system in order to alert Colonel Jack O'Neill that they had come to save them from Her'ak. Using the control room computer, they managed to shut down the prison shield that trapped SG-1 inside the pyramid and also open the outer door. (SG1: "The Other Guys")

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