This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

The Punk Wraith was a Wraith from an alternate reality.

Alternate realities[]

The undisguised Wraith in his Dart watches his Hive explode above Earth.

In 2009, the Punk Wraith's Hive ship was able to locate Earth. During the battle that followed, he flew a Wraith Dart into combat against Earth's F-302 fighter-interceptors. Eventually, the hive ship was destroyed by a swarm of drone weapons fired from the Control chair retrieved from the Antarctic outpost. Witnessing the destruction of his hive ship and the deaths of his fellow Wraith, the Punk Wraith flew his Dart into Earth's atmosphere. The Punk Wraith crash-landed on Earth, but was able to retrieve parts of his Dart before it was found by teams from Area 51.

Over the next three months, the Punk Wraith donned a human disguise using makeup, prosthetics and other disguising elements. As a result, he took on a punk or goth appearance. Using his telepathic abilities to help him, the Punk Wraith played poker in the casinos of Las Vegas to discreetly make money. The Punk Wraith was able to acquire a truck with a leaky radiator, a Silver Bullet trailer and high-powered weapons.

With the parts of his Dart and things he bought using his money from poker, the Punk Wraith began assembling a transmitter to broadcast a message to the rest of the Wraith in the Pegasus Galaxy giving them the location of Earth and information on its defenses. However, the device had radioactive elements and as such, the Punk Wraith developed radiation poisoning. To counteract the effects, the Punk Wraith began feeding off of victims in the Las Vegas area to allow his regenerative abilities to counteract the radiation poisoning. His first few victims the Punk Wraith buried, but he eventually stopped bothering, possibly out of a belief that he couldn't get caught. His victims were discovered by the Las Vegas Police Department who first learned of them when coyotes uncovered the bodies of his first victims. His victims had radioactive isotopes around their feeding marks, transferred from the Wraith in the process of feeding.

Wraith's getting make up

Three months after the Punk Wraith's arrival he was staying at the Lucky Rollers Motel where proximity to his device gave Laurence Foster, who resided in the room next door, radiation poisoning. When Laurence came to confront the Punk Wraith about his loud music, the Punk Wraith fed upon him before departing for the casinos to play poker. Unknown to him, Detective John Sheppard had tracked him down by looking for victims of radiation poisoning and Sheppard secretly tailed the Punk Wraith.

The Wraith walking around the streets of Las Vegas.

At a poker game, the Punk Wraith was joined by Sheppard who, along with the other players, noted that the Punk Wraith was winning every hand but never looking at anyone else. Eventually, the Punk Wraith decided to take his money and leave in the middle of the game and attacked one of the other players when the man attempted to stop him. The Punk Wraith was shot by a security guard, but knocked him out and kept going, chased by Sheppard. Eventually, the Punk Wraith leapt off of a roof and got up after a moment, walking and then running off as his injuries healed and Sheppard watched in shock.

Following the incident at the casino, the Punk Wraith abandoned the motel, taking his truck, trailer and device, but leaving behind his makeup kit and some of his money. Both were found shortly afterwards by Sheppard along with the body of Laurence. Before being taken to Area 51, Sheppard also noted the puddle of radiator fluid from the Punk Wraith's truck, identical to the one at the crime scene of the eighth victim. In the meantime, the Punk Wraith retreated into the desert with his completed device.

The next day, as the Punk Wraith was slowly powering up his transmitter, powered by the United States power grid, he heard a noise and to his annoyance spotted Sheppard's car approaching, Sheppard having once more tracked him down. Grabbing two machine guns, the Punk Wraith fired a shot through his window at Sheppard, seriously wounding him. The two exchanged fire with Sheppard being unable to harm the Punk Wraith. Cornering an unarmed Sheppard behind his car, the Punk Wraith dropped his guns and prepared to feed on Sheppard only to notice two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs approaching.

Realizing that he had been found, the Punk Wraith retreated into his trailer and activated his transmitter at full power. As it began broadcasting, Richard Woolsey gave the order for the jets to take him out. As the Punk Wraith roared in anger, one of the Thunderbolts opened fire with its machine gun, destroying the trailer and transmitter and killing the Punk Wraith in the explosion.

Following his death, Dr. Rodney McKay determined the nature of the Punk Wraith's transmission, namely that it contained the location of Earth and that it had not reached the Pegasus Galaxy. However, the device had tore open a small hole in subspace, sending it through to other realities. (SGA: "Vegas")

In another reality, during a battle between the Daedalus and the Super-hive, the super-hive received the Punk Wraith's transmission thanks to the upgraded sensors it gained due to being powered by a Zero Point Module. The hive ship then departed for Earth using the Punk Wraith's message. At the same time, the Daedalus received the message as well due to Dr. Peter Kavanagh closely monitoring the sensors. Using the information stored in the message, the super-hive's Darts were able to destroy Area 51 before Earth could launch the same type of drone attack that destroyed the Punk Wraith's hive ship. The super-hive was ultimately destroyed by that reality's version of John Sheppard while it was determined that no other hive ship had received the Punk Wraith's message which was only picked up by the super-hive due to its upgrades. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")


The Punk Wraith possessed the abilities of a typical Wraith.

  • Telepathy: As a Wraith, he possessed telepathic abilities. The Punk Wraith was able to use this to cheat at poker by reading the other players minds.
  • Superhuman strength: As a Wraith, he was stronger than regular humans. In the casino fight, the Punk Wraith was easily able to knock over a man much bigger than him and overpower a security guard.
  • Superhuman endurance: The Punk Wraith possessed a great deal of endurance. After being shot twice at close-range by a security guard, he didn't even flinch and continued on. After deliberately jumping from a roof and despite being in obvious pain from his injuries, the Punk Wraith got up and quickly made an escape. He also took multiple shots from Detective John Sheppard without flinching during their final gun battle.
  • Superhuman agility: During his escape in the casino, the Punk Wraith displayed a superhuman agility with the various leaps he made while fleeing Sheppard.
  • Regeneration: As a Wraith, he possessed a remarkable regenerative ability based on how recently he fed. By feeding on eight people within three months, the Punk Wraith was able to combat the radiation poisoning he was receiving from working closely with radioactive elements while building his transmitter. After having fed on a victim just a few hours before, the Punk Wraith was able to get up again after deliberately falling hundreds of feet from a roof. Initially limping, the Punk Wraith's injuries quickly healed as he quickly began walking normally and then running just moments later.

Behind the scenes[]