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SG-1 trains several young lieutenants for the rigors of off-world missions using several life-like scenarios that appear incredibly realistic. Through a very elaborate ploy set up by SG-1, General Hammond, and the entire SGC, the lieutenants are led to believe that the SGC has been totally infiltrated by the Goa'uld, and all of the staff are under a sort of mind control last seen on the planet Argos. Using stun weapons leftover from a previous training mission, the cadets manage to infiltrate the SGC and destroy the device that was supposedly putting everybody under a state of mind control. SG-1 and Hammond then congratulate the lieutenants and reveal the true nature of the exercise. Suddenly, the Stargate engages and opens a wormhole to a planet releasing deadly radiation. 2LT Hailey rushes in and manually overrides the iris, electrocuting herself in the process and passing out. The leader of the team of cadets, Lt. Elliot, ignores General Hammonds' orders to evacuate and runs into the embarkation room anyway to attempt to rescue his fallen teammate. She turns out to be fine, a part of another training exercise. SG-1 congratulates the cadets again, and all four members are told that they have a bright future in the SGC.


SG-3, SG-17, foothold


  • Elisabeth Rosen appears as Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey, who originally appeared in the episode Prodigy.
  • Courtenay J. Stevens appears as Lieutenant Elliot, a role which he would reprise in the episodes Summit and Last Stand. He would also later appear in the first season of Stargate Atlantis, playing the role of Keras in "Childhood's End."
  • David Kopp appears as Lieutenant Grogan, who would return in Season Five episode, The Sentinel.


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