Template:SG1-5 "Proving Ground" is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 trains a group of four young lieutenants for the rigors of off-world missions using several life-like scenarios. However, they fail to complete their latest two missions, and the leader already considers himself a "wash-out" for leaving one of his team (Lt. Grogan) behind during a simulated explosion.

O'Neill receives a phone call from Major Carter, warning him about a situation at "Sierra Golf Charlie"; he consequently attacks the personnel that met him near the training area; one of the opponents manage to shoot him back. The trainees offer their help, stating that they're all that's available.

Infiltrating Stargate Command, they use the armory to stock up on stun weapons and back-up "live ammunition" handguns. Reaching Carter's lab, they find out that the entire SGC, including the rest of the SG-1, appears to be under a sort of Goa'uld mind control last seen on the planet Argos (identified as P3X-8596).

The plan is to have the cadets shut off the gate, and then destroy the device. However, when outside the Gate Room, O'Neill recalls them, ordering them to fall back to the lab where he is.

On their third attempt, they manage to reach their goal: they disable everybody in their way (including Daniel and Teal'c) and rig the supposedly mind-controlling device with C-4. When it doesn't explode (it was clay, not C-4), SG-1 and General Hammond reveal that the whole thing was a very elaborate ploy set up by SG-1, Hammond, and the SGC personnel; the "real" bullets were in fact blank ones. They congratulate the lieutenants.

Lt. Hailey, however, is still in the Embarkation Room, trying to finish her part of the mission. Suddenly, the Stargate engages and opens a wormhole that turns out to be releasing deadly radiation. Hailey tries to manually override the iris, but is electrocuted in the process and passes out. The leader of the team of cadets, Lt. Elliot, ignores General Hammond's orders to evacuate and runs into the room anyway to attempt to rescue his fallen teammate. She turns out to be not only fine, but also a part of this last training exercise. SG-1 congratulates the cadets again, and all four members are told that they have a bright future in the SGC.


Foothold situation; Intar; SG-3; SG-17; Stargate Command monitoring station

Notable Quotes

Elliot: (after seeing Dr. Jackson on the monitor) Looks like their leader is Dr. Jackson.
O'Neill: I always knew he wanted that office


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