"Prototype" is the ninth episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


A seeming glitch in a Stargate throws SG-1 off course and onto another planet. After finding a way around it, they discover a lab with a man in a stasis pod named Khalek. They soon realize, however, that he's a genetic hybrid created by Anubis.


While Major General Henry Landry walks through the corridors of Stargate Command, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter catches up to him and tells him that the Tok'ra have found a gravitational disturbance, which may be an Ori incursion. Carter plans to investigate from a nearby planet, P3X-584, and Landry sends her there with SG-5. The team returns unexpectedly: they were on the wrong planet. Suspecting that something's wrong with the Gate, Landry suspends all Stargate activity.

After some searching, Carter and CMSgt. Walter Harriman find some sort of anomaly (a "bump") in the Gate's logs, which Carter suggests might be a safety protocol that prevents unwanted people from gating in. Since it would take two weeks for the Prometheus to reach the planet, Carter tries to override the safety protocol and succeeds.

Carter and Harriman find multiple "bumps" in the Stargate logs, and it is soon determined that these anomalies were the receiving gate sending out a request for a seven-code combination. Unlike the initial M.A.L.P., organic matter that has not delivered the correct combination before arrival is "call-forwarded" to a random Stargate address.

Carter devises a program to crack the combination, and during the next try a bacterial culture has been placed in the M.A.L.P.'s cargo compartment. The cipher works and the probe arrives on 584. SG-1 and SG-5 follow.

Prototype 1

SG-1 arriving on P3X-584.

SG-1 and SG-5 arrive on the correct planet, where Carter finds a device connected to the Dial Home Device. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Dr. Daniel Jackson find a set of Transportation rings, which transports them, along with Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, to an underground laboratory with a DNA resequencer and a person in an Ancient Stasis pod. When Mitchell presses a button (against Daniel's protests), the capsule releases and the man revives.

The team returns him to Earth. Fortunately the gravity anomaly was simply an uncharted black hole and not a new Ori threat. Dr. Carolyn Lam compares the man's physiology to that of the Ancients mentioned in their database, and determines that he is far along the evolutionary path. The man becomes conscious, and is informed that he is on Earth. Saying his name is Khalek, he claims that he was kidnapped by a "man" who manipulated his DNA. All he would like is to return home. Carter suspects that Nirrti was not the only Goa'uld who was interested in exploring the possibility of an advanced host, but Mitchell cannot help but comment that the lab looked far more Ancient than Goa'uld.

However, when Daniel searches through the database at the lab, he finds out that Khalek is a genetic human-Goa'uld hybrid created by Anubis – Khalek is more or less the son of Anubis.

During a meeting, the team discusses what to do with Khalek, and Daniel suggests that since Khalek has the powers of an advanced human and the personality of a Goa'uld, they have to evaluate the possibility of killing him. When Daniel later questions Khalek, he reveals that he intends to Ascend, and from there succeed where Anubis failed; he also taunts Daniel as he talks about the genetic memories he inherited from Anubis (Including Daniel's confrontation with Anubis) and the many lives Anubis has taken, knowing that nothing will match the sweetness Khalek will feel when he kills for the first time.

Richard Woolsey arrives at the SGC and announces that the International Oversight Advisory plans to study Khalek to find a weapon against the Priors, since they share similarities. Landry and Daniel protest, to no avail. The team uses the Ascendometer found by Major Altman in the alien laboratory on Khalek to scan his brain and determine how advanced he really is. Even as they watch, Khalek's brain advances further, and he uses telekinesis to steal Mitchell's Zat'nik'tel. Mitchell shoots him twice in the chest with his sidearm, but Khalek just heals the wounds, which advances his brain even more. The senior staff again discusses what to do with him. Since Woolsey still wants to study him, all they can do is take further security measures, including using a hormone to paralyze him.

Carter considers using the DNA resequencer to find out how long it will take until Khalek ascends. Meanwhile, Landry and Woolsey have another discussion about the security of keeping Khalek awake. Finally, Landry informs Woolsey that he plans to put Khalek back into stasis, and they start to bring him away when SG-1 arrives. They inform Landry that Khalek wants to go back to the planet since he needs two more treatments in the DNA resequencer to ascend. Khalek uses his advanced hearing to eavesdrop on the conversation. Realizing he's been thwarted, Khalek frees himself, kills two guards, and heads for the Gateroom.

On his way he defeats all the guards and overwhelms all the security measures the SGC had put in place, even blocking bullets with his mind and short-circuiting the base. Khalek reaches the Gateroom, uses his powers to activate the gate dialing computer and walks through the gate, but returns moments later because of the security measures in place in P3X-584. Mitchell shoots him but Khalek blocks it. But, suddenly, blood appears on his uniform. Daniel had fired from the other end of the Gateroom, and Khalek, having been distracted by Mitchell, had not been able to stop the bullet. Having wounded him, Daniel and Mitchell continue to fire until Khalek is dead. Carter reveals to Landry that she reprogrammed the device on the planet to send anyone who dials the planet back where they came.

At the end, Woolsey apologizes to Daniel, and although Daniel can't forgive him, he tells Woolsey that he wishes he'd been wrong and Woolsey had been right.


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: Huh. Maybe it wasn't our fault.
Jackson: I thought it was always our fault.

Carter: Instead of using an iris like we do, the off-world gate stores incoming data in its buffer system. Then if the correct code isn't received, it dials a random address and empties the buffer into the new wormhole.
Mitchell: Interstellar call-forwarding. That's pretty cool.

Jackson: Wait! Wait!
Mitchell: What? I was looking for the lightswitch.
Jackson: (exasperated) New guy!
Mitchell: Hey, you touched that!
Jackson: I, I know how to read that.

Jackson: He may not have a snake in his head, but the man we defrosted and brought back here has Goa'uld DNA intermingled with his own. He may as well be the son of Anubis.

Carter: We're pretty sure the red patches indicate areas of the brain where synaptic activity is maximized. A normal human brain, you or I say, should show roughly five to ten percent coverage.
Mitchell: Me being five, you being ten.

Mitchell: How can Woolsey not know that keeping this guy around is a bad idea?
Landry: He's an ass.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • In this episode a second DNA resequencer appears. The device first appeared in the Season Six episode "Metamorphosis" in which it was used by Nirrti to create an advanced human - something which she was not able to do. Anubis proves in this episode that the device is able to do so when used correctly. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell mentions Nirrti's use of the machine, saying it was a "cool file".
  • When Khalek mentions the confrontation that Dr. Daniel Jackson once had with Anubis, seeing as how he is unaware of Anubis' final fate, this can only refer to their meeting in "Full Circle", when Anubis destroyed Abydos.
  • According to the DVD Commentary of the episode, the bullets that are shot at the observation window (where Richard Woolsey is sitting) are actually Paintballs filled with vaseline, shot at a short distance.
  • Before the episode aired, a draft of the original script was said on Gateworld to reveal that Anubis' purposes for Khalek was to make Khalek part of an army of warriors called the "Mashur", which was derived from the Goa'uld word "Mashur-nat" meaning "Mutation". Anubis' plans for this army was to train them to ascend and do battle with the Ascended Ancients on their plane of existence and ultimately destroy them. However, this was cut from the episode.
  • The Stargate on P3X-584 - the planet with Anubis' genetic lab where Khalek was found - has been wired with a security device that holds incoming organic matter in the gate's buffer and requests an authorization code from the dialing gate. If the 7-digit code isn't received within a set amount of time, it dials a random gate and empties the buffer into the new wormhole. The effect is that a person traveling through the gate winds up on a different planet without realizing what has happened.
  • Mitchell still has the scar on his left cheek which he sustained in "Babylon".


  • On the DVD with the subtitles on, when a team comes into the lab you hear the sound of the Transportation rings, but the subtitles say it is the sound of the Stargate activating. This is also true on Hulu, Netflix and Stan.
  • The stock footage of the Stargate activating shows the security door open, when it was actually closed in previous shots.

Other languages[]

  • French: Prototype (dubbed in English)
  • Italian: Il Prototipo (The Prototype)
  • Spanish: Prototipo (Prototype)
  • Czech: Prototyp (Prototype)
  • Hungarian: Prototípus (Prototype)
  • German: Der Prototyp (The Prototype)

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