Template:SG1-2 Prisoners is the third episode of the second season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 are exploring a planet which according to Col. O'Neill has nothing to offer but "trees and moss" and have just decided to leave when a panicked native stumbles into them claiming he is being chased by "Toldor". SG-1 take him with them but are suddenly transported to a circle of light where disembodied voices find them guilty of aiding a murderer, and trespassing with weapons - Jackson realises that "Toldor" means "Justice". For their crimes SG-1 are sentenced to life imprisonment in "Hadante", an underground prison accessible only through a Stargate which has no Dial-Home Device.

On arrival Carter is attacked by another inmate but the attack is stopped by an older female inmate named "Linea", who the others appear to fear. Afterwards SG-1 explores the prison and decide that if they find an energy source they could dial out manually. Carter and Linea then become friendly and they talk about their world and power. Linea then reveals that she can create cold fusion using organic ingredients. Carter realises that they can use the power generated to activate the gate and dial out by hand.

Later the gate activates and the inmates scramble to collect a gruel-like substance that is sent through as food. This reveals that there is a strict pecking order, with Linea at the top. While they eat Linea reveals to them why she is in this prison.

Meanwhile, SG-3 has been sent to investigate while SG-1 is missing, and converse with the aliens. After returning to Stargate Command, they inform General Hammond that SG-1 won't be freed. Hammond decides to talk with the people on the other world himself, but is also unable to get them to free SG-1.

In Hadante SG-1 and Linea wait until the other inmates are distracted by food and then escape by going to P2A-509 where they know SG-3 are due to be. Unknown to SG-1 another inmate manages to slip through the Stargate just as it closes. They borrow a transmitter from SG-3 to open the iris and gate back to Earth.

Hoping that Linea may have useful knowledge Carter shows her how to operate the SGC computer and reveals the existence of the Stargate network and the Stargate addresses they have. Afterwards Linea uses a hand device to render Carter unconscious.

SG-3 captures the other inmate and brings him to Earth as well. When he is questioned he reveals that Linea is the notorious criminal nicknamed the "Destroyer of Worlds", who created a disease which wiped out an entire planet (apparently in order to satisfy her scientific curiosity). An immediate search of the base is started to locate Linea but she is already in the gate room and has locked up the computers to prevent interference.

Linea escapes through the gate, leaving a message on the computer that "All debts have now been paid". SG-1 realize that they have freed a psychopathic mass murderer and given her access to hundreds of worlds.


Australia; Botany Bay; Destroyer of Worlds; Hadante; PAS-A81; PT1-AA1; PWW-5AC; PWW-98C; SG-1; SG-3; SG-9

Notable Quotes

(Standing in front of the active Stargate)
General Hammond: Well, here goes.
Major Kovacek: Since this is your first time, sir, a quick word of advice. It's better to exhale just prior to crossing the event horizon. One's instinct is to inhale immediately upon arriving on the other side. Also-
Hammond: I think I'll figure it out on the way. (pause) You're sure they dialed the correct address?
Kovacek: Yes, sir.
Hammond: The things I do for these people.

Background notes

  • This episode marks the first time that General Hammond goes through the Stargate. When he does so, it is also the first time the view is behind the stargate as someone crosses the event horizon.
  • It is revealed in this episode that SG teams have different assignments (or designations) and that SG-9 is a "diplomatic" team.
  • Linea will also appear in the Season 3 episode Past and Present.
  • Linea's nickname, "The Destroyer of Worlds", is also used by the Daleks to describe the Doctor, in Remembrance of the Daleks, a story of Doctor Who.
  • Michael Puttonen, who plays the blind prisoner Simian in this episode, would later appear in the first season of Stargate Atlantis as Smeadon, in the episode "The Storm."


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