"Point of View" is the sixth episode of the third season, as well as the 50th episode of Stargate SG-1.


Dr. Samantha Carter and Major Charles Kawalsky from an alternate reality use their Quantum Mirror to get to our universe in order to escape their Earth being enslaved by the Goa'uld. SG-1 decides to help them take back what they lost by contacting the Asgard for help.


In an alternate reality, Dr. Samantha Carter and Major Charles Kawalsky are running from a Goa'uld attack inside Stargate Command. Using the Quantum Mirror from planet P3R-233, they make their way to Area 51, where the Quantum Mirror of our universe is being held, having been discovered by SG-1. (see "There But for the Grace of God")

The two are captured and sent to Stargate Command where they are interrogated. During a meeting it is learned that in the universe of the alternate SGC (there called SGA), Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Carter were married until O'Neill was killed defending the SGA. Also Teal'c is still an enemy of Earth as the First Prime of Apophis and has led the attack on the SGA, while Dr. Daniel Jackson never joined the SGA. The most shocking revelation is, however, that the Goa'uld have invaded Earth, conquered every major city and made slaves of the population.

Dr. Carter and Kawalsky are allowed to remain at the SGC. Colonel Jack O'Neill visits Dr. Carter and she tells him about their marriage and how he died. She cries on his shoulder as he awkwardly comforts her. Later, Dr. Carter starts suffering from Entropic cascade failure—the result of two Carters in one universe—which she had predicted but had not expected to start so soon. If Dr. Carter and Kawalsky stay, she'll eventually die, but if they return to their reality the Goa'uld will kill them.

To prevent this a mission is planned in which O'Neill, the Dr. Carter and Kawalsky, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c (in Jaffa armor) will go back to the alternate universe and contact the Asgard to free Earth. While the two Carters work on the Power Booster Device which will help them contact the Asgard, Kawalsky explains to Jackson how the Quantum Mirror works.

After the team goes through the mirror, they are able to capture the alternate Teal'c, who is then killed by the Teal'c of our reality. Teal'c then takes his place while the others activate the power generator and successfully dial the Stargate to get Dr. Carter to the Asgard homeworld. Apophis discovers Teal'c's betrayal and the team is captured. Apophis questions them and has the alternate Major General George S. Hammond killed. Even after they then inform him of the alternate reality they come from, he threatens to kill Jackson. Before he is able to do so the Asgard arrive, forcing most of the Jaffa to flee and resurrecting Hammond. The mission completed, the non-alternate team returns home, but not before O'Neill and the alternate Carter share a kiss.


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Notable quotes[]

Interviewer: Stargate... what do you know about the Stargate?
Alternate Carter: What do I know!? Everything!! We've been through this!!
Interviewer: Well, let's go through it again.
Alternate Carter: For cryin' out loud...

Jackson: Well, this can't be the Dr. Carter I met in the alternate reality, she's... dead.
O'Neill: All right, uh... just to clarify, this Carter is from an alternate alternate reality?
Jackson: Apparently.
O'Neill: Anybody else have a problem with that?
Teal'c: Which reality is actually real?
O'Neill: Thank you, Teal'c.

O'Neill: So it's possible there's an alternate version of myself out there that actually understands what the hell you're talkin' about?

O'Neill: For all we know you could be her evil twin. But then we'd be dealing with clichés, and you know how I feel about those. No, actually, you know how I feel about those.

Alternate Carter: (annoyed) You think your being in the Air Force could have made that big a difference?
Carter: No. I just said it made a contribution.
Alternate Carter: (more annoyed) And therefore I didn't?
O'Neill: Ladies...Sams...We're all in this reality together.

Carter: If the Asgard could design this to give the gate extra juice, then they're just the little green men we're looking for.
O'Neill: They're grey, actually. Roswell grey to be exact.

(Jack walks in on Teal'c and Teal'c's dead alternate reality counterpart, whom Teal'c has just shot.)
O'Neill: The idea was to zat him.
Teal'c: As I said, O'Neill, ours is the only reality of consequence.

O'Neill: Alright, I gotta know.
Jackson: Yes, I'm about to activate it.
O'Neill: No, no, no, no. Not that. What the hell does 'Kree' mean?
Jackson: Well, actually, it means a lot of things.
O'Neill: Uh-huh.
Jackson: Loosely translated, it means "attention," "listen up," "concentrate."
O'Neill: "Yoo-hoo?"
Jackson: Yes. In a manner of speaking.

Apophis: Who are you? My First Prime killed you before my very eyes!
O'Neill: I'm feeling much better.

(The Asgard have arrived and started beaming out Apophis and his Jaffa)
O'Neill: Come on. You've gotta love those guys!

Alternate Carter: You have to understand, my Jack had the same face, same voice, same hands.
O'Neill: Which brings to mind an obvious question: how could you marry such a loser?


Main Characters

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  • This episode was the first to translate the common Goa'uld word, "Kree".
  • As in "There But for the Grace of God", it is never stated what SGA stands for but possible names include Stargate Association, Stargate Agency and Stargate Administration.
  • The alternate Dr. Samantha Carter experiences what comes to be called "temporal entropic cascade failure" as a result of there being two Carters in the same reality. However, in the Season 9 episode "Ripple Effect", there are at least 18 different SG-1 teams in the same reality, and none of them are effected by temporal entropic cascade failure. In that episode, Dr. Bill Lee theorized that this was due to the proximity of all the realities to each other.
  • While Dr. Daniel Jackson is searching through the alternate realities in the Quantum mirror, one of the realities he comes across is a beach with a moon and a gas giant planet visible in the sky. This is the beach on Nem's planet, Oannes, from the season 1 episode, "Fire and Water."
  • The Region 2 DVD cover for Stargate SG-1 has this episode as "Points of View".


  • Major Samantha Carter claims that "...In order to dial the Asgard homeworld they had to provide us with a generator that transferred power to the Gate's capacitors." Actually, in "The Fifth Race", Colonel Jack O'Neill built the device using the knowledge of the Ancients. Carter also claims that "You know, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to make this work the first time, let alone make it work again." She never worked on it or knew what it did until after it stopped working.
  • The Asgard homeworld address shown being dialed is different from the one used in "The Fifth Race" (it would appear these are the same symbols just orientated differently).
  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c go through the Quantum Mirror back to their reality they would have appeared on opposite sides, but they appeared as if it was a mirror image. Teal'c touched the mirror with his right hand and Daniel touched it with his left. Though on the other side Daniel is touching it with his right hand and Teal'c was touching it with his left hand.
  • When the team travels to the alternate reality, both the corridor in front of the storage room and to the side are damaged despite not being so before. Though it could have been caused by Kawalsky's grenade, the area in front of the storeroom was too far away from the explosion to have been damaged.


  • Nominated Leo for "Best Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series" (Amanda Tapping)

Other languages[]

  • French: De l’autre côté du miroir (On the Other Side of the Mirror)
  • Italian: Punto di vista (Point of View)
  • Spanish: Punto de vista (Point of View)
  • Czech: Jiný náhled (Another View)
  • Hungarian: Nézőpontok (Points of View)
  • German: Lebenslinie (Lifeline)

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