"Point of No Return" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Stargate SG-1.


Stargate Command is contacted by Martin Lloyd, who needs to speak to Colonel Jack O'Neill. SG-1 goes to Montana to see who he is, as he claims to be from outer space, and insists that a crashed spaceship is nearby. Meanwhile, more of his people wish to silence him.


Martin Lloyd telephones Stargate Command and gets their attention by describing the Stargate and mentioning Colonel Jack O'Neill by name. He goes on to request a face-to-face meeting.

While O'Neill meets with the man, the rest of the team listens in. Martin explains that he is from outer space, and that he doesn't belong on Earth. O'Neill continues to stall him, even hunting through a local forest to find his spaceship, while Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c (using his pseudonym Murray for the first time) head to Martin's house to investigate further. There, what the team finds is of very little of use. He is a conspiracy theorist who catalogs everything. The main find, however, is a cabinet full of prescription drugs, antidepressants and antipsychotics. As the team is searching Martin's house, a mysterious group of men observe them through cameras planted throughout.

Out in the woods, O'Neill and Martin have been unable to find anything and give up their search. O'Neill convinces Martin that he should stop taking his medications to help him remember more; he has a vision in which he see seven symbols; a Stargate address, with Earth as a point of origin. O'Neill now is convinced that there is more to Martin than meets the eye.

While this is going on, Jackson and Carter meet with Martin's psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Tanner. He gives them Martin's work address. Jackson and Carter go to what appears to be an empty warehouse, and are captured and interrogated by the four men watching them earlier. Unable to make contact with Carter, O’Neill goes to the doctor's office but finds it deserted.

As Martin continues skipping his medications, he remembers the location of his spaceship, and leads O'Neill to it. O'Neill calls in a team to analyze the ship; to get a better understanding of Martin's species. Martin further remembers that he had companions with him when he landed, fellow soldiers; his world was at war with powerful creatures that demanded Godlike worship; the Goa'uld.

They set a trap for the four men, by opening the ship's cockpit, and using Martin as bait. When they take Martin, O'Neill and Teal'c follow them to a warehouse where Jackson and Carter are being held. O'Neill and Teal'c free them, and find Martin tied up in the back of the van. As this happens, Martin's ship explodes, leaving a massive crater behind.

Martin now remembers everything; the five of them were soldiers, deserters that left their world behind and came to Earth to hide. Martin, learning of the existence of a Stargate on Earth, wanted to return home; but his compatriots overruled him and drugged him into amnesia. O'Neill takes Martin back to his home world only to find a smoldering ruin where a great city once stood.


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: Does anyone know what this meeting's all about?
Jackson: No, but I hope it's important, I was right in the middle of translating that cuneiform tablet we found on P3O-255.
Carter: I still have to finish recalibrating MALP 3K's sensors for long-term reconnaissance on P5X-3D7.
Teal'c: I was unable to complete my kelno'reem.
O'Neill: I was just about to do something important.

Hammond: Early this morning, at approximately 04:00 hours, the base switchboard received the following call...
(Hammond switches on a tape recorder)
Martin: Hello. This is a message for Colonel Jack O'Neill and anyone else who's listening. I know this call's being monitored, but don't bother setting up a trace. I'm at a phone booth in Butte, Montana, and I'll be long gone before your black-ops teams can get here. You're not dealing with an amateur. I know all about Roswell and the Kennedy cover-ups, and the...
Hammond: (fast-forwarding) He goes on like that for a while.
Martin: ...and the CIA-sanctioned microwave harassment, and—
Hammond: (fast-forwarding) Quite a while.
Martin: ...and the lizard people. (Jack smiles). But the point is, none of these compare to your little secret, Colonel.

Jackson: Ya know, I've never been on a stakeout before.  Shouldn't we have, like, donuts or something?

Martin Lloyd: ...a top secret government program involving instantaneous travel to other solar systems by means of a device known as a "Stargate."
O'Neill: Sounds like a good idea for a TV show... if you're... into that sorta thing.
Martin Lloyd: Colonel, let's not play games. If it isn't true, then why would you come all this way?
O'Neill: OK. The truth. There is a top secret government program called "Project Stargate"...
Martin Lloyd: I knew it!!
O'Neill: But it has nothing to do with space travel.
Martin Lloyd: What does it have to do with?
O'Neill: Magnets.
Martin Lloyd: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
O'Neill: Nope. I've already said too much.
Martin Lloyd: Colonel, you're not taking this seriously.
O'Neill: No, I'm not.

(while looking up Martin Lloyd's information)
Carter: Looks like he's got a criminal record. He was arrested for protesting outside a TV station, he claims subliminal advertising was controlling his thoughts.
Jackson: Do you have a current address?
Carter: Oh yeah. I could get the prescription of his glasses if I wanted.

(Carter finds a toy replica of an Asgard who looks like Thor)
Carter: He looks familiar.

(Teal'c holding and firing a toy raygun)
Teal'c: It would appear this weapon is ineffective.

Martin Lloyd: You don't understand!!
O'Neill: I get that a lot.

Ted: (Pointing at Teal'c) So you're telling me this man is an ordinary technical seargent?
Daniel: I wouldn't say ordinary.
Carter: He's very good at what he does.
Ted: What's his area of expertise?
Carter: Speechwriter.
Ted: (Shows a thermal image of Teal'c and his symbiote) What about this?
Daniel: Ooh that's very good. Did you draw that yourself?
Carter: What is it?
Daniel: That's-that's a duck isn't it?

Martin Lloyd: So you still don't believe me!? I'm an alien.
O'Neill: (Sighs) You look pretty human to me.
Martin Lloyd: No. What I believe is that, thousands of years ago people were taken from Earth—maybe as part of some experiment, maybe as slaves, who knows. But the point is, there are entire civilizations up there, descended from those original humans.
O'Neill: Now that's just crazy talk.


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  • Joseph Mallozzi has stated that this episode is closer to his original vision than any Stargate episode he has written.
  • Another proof that Peter Tanner is a fake psychiatrist: when the list of medications is read out, two of the drugs mentioned have the effect of cancelling each other out. He did not recognize this.
  • During the first scene in the motel room Teal'c displays a fascination with the massage function on his bed, shown by the fact you can audibly hear him add money to the timer multiple times during the scene.
  • This is the first episode where Teal'c is called "Murray", a name that would be used regularly at later times in the show.
  • When Ted asks Major Samantha Carter who Teal'c is, Carter replies that he is a standard technical sergeant whose specialty is "speechwriting". This may be a reference to the fact that Teal'c always speaks in formal English.
  • When Martin explains his interpretation of the Stargate Program to O'Neill, O'Neill replies by saying: "Sounds like a good idea for a TV show." There is irony in that statement, as Martin later goes on to develop a television show based on his experiences with the Stargate Program as seen in "Wormhole X-Treme!".
  • The first time a civilian approached O'Neill was in the episode "Secrets", where the reporter was killed in an "accident".

Other languages[]

  • French: Point de Non-Retour (Point of No Return)
  • Italian: Punto di Non Ritorno (Point of No Return)
  • Spanish: Punto sin Retorno (Point of No Return)
  • Czech: Není Cesty Zpět (There Is No Way Back)
  • Hungarian: Ahova nincs visszatérés (Where there is no return)
  • German: Kein Zurück (No Going Back)

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