A plasma repeater is a rapid-fire energy weapon used primarily by Kull Warriors. They fire a blast similar to that of the staff weapon, only smaller and somewhat less potent. The reduced power is made up for with its high rate of fire, rivaling that of a machine gun. Kull warriors wear wrist weapons on both of their wrists, but usually shoot just one at a time. They have been seen to use both at once; however, this was in a virtual reality training program and so whether this can be done in the real world is unknown. Kull warriors are also impervious to this weapon, despite the fact that it is their weapon of choice. The weapons can also be used by non-Kull. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1", "Evolution, Part 2", "Avatar", "Prometheus Unbound")

Like the staff weapon its accuracy is sub-par. It would seem like the Jaffa using their staff weapons one simply points it in the general direction of one's target and sprays the area hoping to score a lucky hit.

Goa'uld Reconnaissance probes were also equipped with these weapons. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 1")


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