This planet has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the planet described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

This uninhabited planet was the location a Lantean cruiser crashed at some point during the Lantean-Wraith war. (SGA: "The Lost")


The planet is described as extremely rocky with canyons and a desert environment. Temperatures can reach at least 105 degrees during the day and at night, can go as far as ten degrees below freezing just before dawn. The planet's atmosphere, while breathable, is described as marginal and thin. A planetary day is equivalent to forty Earth hours, with an equal day and night cycle, each twenty hours long. While uninhabited due to its harsh environment, the planet has animal lifeforms including smaller creatures about the size of a person's arm that eat the tubers from beneath the gray plants growing on the planet and larger reptiles that are carnivorous and vicious, but possibly only live or hunt in the canyons and not on the main plateau.

This planet is located on the outskirts of the Pegasus Galaxy and is five hours away from the frozen planet where Atlantis has landed and seventeen hours away from the Genii homeworld by the hyperdrive on the wrecked Lantean cruiser. (SGA: "The Lost")


At some point during the Lantean-Wraith war, a Lantean cruiser suffered heavy damage including several hull breaches and crashed on the planet around 80 miles from the Stargate. The crew presumably either all survived the crash or took their casualties with them as no bodies were left in the cruiser. Presumably, the Ancient crew used the planet's Stargate to return to Atlantis or another Ancient base.

10,000 years later, the wrecked cruiser is rediscovered by the Genii who seek to claim the ship for themselves. Repair teams led by Dahlia Radim spend a year repairing the cruiser's sublight engines and Ancient hyperdrive as well as sealing off hull breaches as best they can so that they can move the cruiser to the Genii homeworld.

In 2009, after Doctor Rodney McKay is kidnapped by the Wraith, Ladon Radim offers the Atlantis expedition a deal wherein they will help the Genii move the cruiser to their homeworld and he will use the Genii's extensive intelligence network to search for McKay. Through an unknown means, presumably a spy, the Wraith learn of the human interest in the planet and dispatch a hive ship to await them. When a Puddle Jumper carrying Dahlia, Teyla Emmagan, Doctor Carson Beckett and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard arrives, they are ambushed at the Stargate by five Wraith Darts, suffering damage that disables the Puddle Jumper's engines beyond their ability to repair. Despite this, Sheppard manages to land the Puddle Jumper in a canyon about sixty miles from the Stargate and engages the cloak, shielding them from the Darts ability to find them. After being unable to locate the team, the Wraith eventually retreat into hyperspace and the team chooses to make their way to the crashed cruiser rather than back to the Stargate as the cruiser is closer. Along the way, the reptiles inhabiting the planet seriously injure Beckett, but they are able to reach the cruiser and despite the bad shape its in, use its hyperdrive to return to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Lost")

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