This unnamed planet was a backup planet to the Pegasus Alpha Site.


At some point, the Atlantis expedition scouted this planet and made it one of the backup planets to their Alpha Site.

In 2005, while on Olesia, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard ordered Doctor Elizabeth Weir to dial one of the backup planets for the Alpha Site and Major Evan Lorne complied by dialing this planet. Sheppard then ordered the Olesian prisoners, who were looking for a chance to escape, to go. The Olesian prisoners took the opportunity while Weir's Puddle Jumper held the Stargate open to escape through it to this planet. Though Torrell hesitated out of fear that an inhospitable world had been dialed, he ultimately fled through the Stargate as well. With the prisoners gone to this planet, the Wraith cruisers that had come to cull them turned their full attention onto the main Olesian city. (SGA: "Condemned")

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