This article is about the Stargate resistance level. For the planet, see Piramess.

Piramess is a multiplayer map in Stargate Resistance, which takes place in the city of Piramess on a planet in the Milky Way galaxy.


Piramess is a once temperate world now compltely shrouded in ice and snow. The inhabitants of this world have devised a weather control device that keeps the temperature warm within the confines of their temple cities. This weather control technology could potentially be used as a weapon on other worlds, and the System Lords have taken notice of this. In 2010, a force of Goa'uld descended upon this peaceful planet from orbit, using the weather control device to freeze the capital cities. With such a device, they could force hundreds of worlds into submission. However, forces of the Tau'ri have arrived to restore Piramess' planetary defenses and drive the System Lords away.


Each side needs the tech in the opposing team's base. Running over the enemy console collects the tech, returning the tech to the friendly console scores. The central building houses the weather control device. Running through the control area on the upper floor activates or deactivates the device.

The SGC must engage the System Lords, prevent them from capturing the weather device's secrets, and obtain power crystals to restore the planet's defense systems. The System Lords win by defeating the SGC, and by obtaining data cores containing the secrets of the weather control system

Each data core or crystal must be captured from the enemy base and returned to the player's own base. A successful capture is worth 40 points. kills earn a player two points. Running through the central core of the weather control device (on the upper floor of the central structure) activates a blizzard that obscured vision and helps mask a tech carrier for a successful capture. Interactive objects around the map (currently represented by glowing rings) are worth a single point to the player triggering the object (standing in the rig). These objects respawn at various spots around the map.


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