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"The Phoenix Site is for you - the formerly oppressed, the enslaved, and the betrayed. With your continued efforts, we will weaken the defenses of the false gods and continue to bring freedom to the galaxy."
Major General Philip Kevin Loyer[src]

Phoenix Site, also known as Stargate Phoenix (SGP), was a top-secret off-world base created by Stargate Command.



On April 16th, 2002, SG-1 was tasked with performing advanced recon of the Site code-named Phoenix. After surveying the area, Major Samantha Carter found that the location's tunnels once had machinery embedded in the walls. She also found Ancient crystals that were used for their power networks which led SG-1 to believe the location may have once been an Ancient base. The Site would be followed up with a visit from Major Griff and SG-2.[5] (RPG: "Core Rulebook")

Following the Ashrak attack on the first Alpha Site, Stargate Command and the President of the United States decided to make a new top secret base, called Phoenix Site. The purpose of the site was to take in freedom fighters from various worlds across the Milky Way galaxy that wanted to help in the fight against the Goa'uld and train them in SGC tactics.[9]

The Phoenix Program's creation was overseen by Colonel Jerry Harper.[1] (RPG: "Core Rulebook")


By 2003, the population of Phoenix planet had grown. General Loyer could barely requisition enough Tok'ra tunnel crystals to expand the base for his staff and survival shelters. (RPG: "In Ruins")

The seismic activity of the planet had grown in strength and frequency since 2002. The structural integrity of the base was prioritized, and work crews were assembled to bolster it. In February, Ancient technology was found to be the cause of the quakes. General Loyer feared the base would need to be abandoned unless they could stop it. Jonas Quinn was sent to help figure out the problem, which turned out to be due to disintegrating Control crystals. Replacements were found on another world. (RPG: "In Ruins")

A month later, System Lord Wepwawet's Jaffa had an incursion in Phoenix Site. They attacked the gate room, infirmary, and the lower levels. (RPG: "United")

Phoenix Site facilities[]

Phoenix Site is located on Langford Peak. There is also a nearby town called Haven. (RPG: "In Ruins")


At ground level, Phoenix Site has a motorpool, meeting rooms and storage rooms. Floor-1 is the living quarters level, which the barracks, gym, mess hall, rec hall and V.I.P area are located. Floor-2 is the ops level. It has the control center, briefing room, Major General Loyer's office, holding cell, observation room and more storage. Floor-3 is the gate level. It has the gateroom, the infirmary, the armory and a shooting range.[3]

The base's lower levels contain an Ancient supercomputer and tunnels used for survival shelters. Some of the tunnels were used to house refugees and civilians that were waiting for available housing in Haven. (RPG: "In Ruins", "United")



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Phoenix Site Patch

The Phoenix Site patch

Phoenix Site had three types of personnel. US military, foreign military (mostly from other planets, although members could be from other Earth nations.), and contractors for anyone who wasn't a member of a military, such as researchers, displaced persons, or retired from the military.[10] (RPG: "Core Rulebook")

Races included in the personnel besides the Tau'ri included the Aturen, Tok'ra, Jaffa, and Unas.[10] Most Human recruits were Tau'ri, though there were also others, such as the Tollans and Abydonians.[11] (RPG: "Core Rulebook")

Standard SG Phoenix uniforms were double-stitched gray or khaki green with black undergarments.[12] There was also a desert camouflage version. (RPG: "Core Rulebook", "Field of Reeds")



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