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"Phobia" is the seventh episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers SummaryEdit

When she panics upon discovering a spider web on a new planet made up of spiders, Stacey overreacts and injures an inhabitant, for which she is put on trial. To make matters worse, Tlak'khan warriors show up and attack.


Arriving on a new planet, Stacey runs into a web and reveals she has a problem with her fear of spiders. Naturally, the local civilization are spiders and Stacey apparently overreacts, injuring one of them and endangering relationships between the two groups. Stacey insists she acted in self-defense but is placed on trial for her actions. Meanwhile, the Tlak'khan warriors show up and attack. Stacey comes to terms with the spider she harmed, allowing it to heal. She and it team up to help the team bring down the Tlak'khan and the team departs.


  • This is one of the Infinity episodes that contradicts the notion that the "kawoosh" effect destroys whatever is in its path. In the episode, there is a spider web over the Stargate that remains intact after the gate is activated.



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