"It's a weapon of mass destruction."

These phase-shifting weapons of mass destruction could obliterate huge areas of a planet's surface, and were equipped with a phase-shifting device that enabled the weapon to penetrate solid matter, including Earth's iris. The phase-shifting device was housed in a trinium casing.


After Anubis developed shields capable of resisting the Tollan Ion cannons, the Curia was forced to make a deal with Anubis' minion Tanith, and agreed to produce advanced weapons for the Goa'uld in exchange for Tollana's survival. Although Narim initially assumed that the phase-shifting weapons were intended to replace the ion cannon as Tollan's main defence when he first learned of their existence, SG-1 realized that Tanith's initially-unknown master Anubis intended to force the Tollan to use the weapon to attack Earth, a planet protected by the Asgard according to the Protected Planets Treaty; if the Tollan mounted the attack, the Goa'uld could legally claim that they had not violated the treaty. However, Narim was able to destroy the weapons construction facility using an Ion cannon with the assistance of SG-1, although Tanith subsequently attacked the planet. (SG1: "Between Two Fires")

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