Pharrin was a Talthun engineer on the Stromos during its trip to Ardena before it crashed.


Background informationEdit

As an officer, he was allowed one family member to bring onboard; his wife made him choose their youngest son, Keenin, over herself. She would try to win a spot through the planet-wide lottery for passengers, but failed to do so and remained behind on Talthus with the rest of the family. (SG1: "Lifeboat")


When the ship's systems began to fail, he was automatically awakened from the stasis pods to try and save the passengers, but, with the ship's systems damaged and the bodies of many passengers dead, he was forced to resort to more desperate measures by transferring the minds of twelve passengers into his own body. He was apparently able to come to a kind of consensus with the other personalities whereby he remained in control while still being able to communicate with the others, although the other personalities could still take control if they wished. It was later implied that Pharrin had a significant reputation among other officers on the ship, with Tryan, another engineer, later commenting that only Pharrin could have achieved what he had done. However, this intellect apparently left him with a certain desperate arrogance; when SG-1 discovered the crashed Stromos, he automatically resorted to using the body of Dr. Daniel Jackson who was unconscious to store the minds of twelve other dead passengers- including his Sovereign Martice and his own son- rather than simply asking if they had access to technology that could help him. After explaining his situation to Teal'c and Major Samantha Carter, Stargate Command offered him a Naquadah generator to restore the ship's power and their assistance in sending the survivors of the Stromosto another planet in the Stargate system, in exchange for Daniel being purged of the excess minds within him. Although Pharrin briefly hesitated when his Sovereign Martice refused to leave Daniel, Colonel Jack O'Neill shot down Martice's orders with the pointed reminder that Martice was dead and had no right to Daniel's body. Pharrin was later able to remove the extra minds from Daniel and transfer some of them to himself, including Tryan and his son. (SG1: "Lifeboat")

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