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"Pathogen" is the fourth episode of the second season of Stargate Universe.


After noticing Chloe Armstrong's odd behavior, the crew starts to suspect that she is under Nakai influence. Meanwhile, Eli Wallace finds out that his mother has become depressed because of his departure and refuses to take her medicine. Colonel Everett Young releases Lucian Alliance prisoners.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance, and are now trapped there. During the time on Destiny, tensions rise between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young, eventually causing a mutiny between the civilians and military. After a Nakai attack, the two groups must work together to prepare themselves for the next attack, for the crew's sake. After Colonel David Telford's brainwashing is broken, he reveals that the Lucian Alliance are coming to take Destiny. After a group of Alliance soldiers led by Commander Kiva and Telford gate to Destiny, they take several sections of the ship. After Kiva is killed and Ginn returns control to Rush the surviving Alliance members are locked up. Eli Wallace's mother Marian Wallace is battling HIV and Camile Wray is struggling without Sharon Walker. After being shot during the Alliance invasion, Chloe Armstrong has completely healed.


As he wanders the corridors of Destiny, Eli Wallace stumbles upon Chloe Armstrong operating a console. He asks her what she's doing, but she isn't sure, having no recollection of coming to the room after lying down for a nap. Eli assumes she was sleepwalking, and tries to relate his own experiences in that matter, but Chloe abruptly excuses herself.

In the Destiny mess hall, Eli speaks with Lt. Matthew Scott about Chloe's erratic behavior, wanting to make sure it's not just him. Scott has also noticed it, noting that she's been withdrawn as of late. Eli suggests he talk to Chloe, but Scott has already tried with little success. He tells Eli that Chloe has been keeping a diary, which he assumes is a coping mechanism. Eli brings up the gunshot wound she sustained during the invasion, which healed much faster than it should have, but Scott has no answers for him. Colonel Everett Young comes to the table, telling Eli that he needs to use the Long-range communication device; his mother, Marian Wallace is sick. Eli asks for details, but Young wasn't given any, only having been told to bring Eli to Earth immediately.

On the bridge, Gloria Rush tells Dr. Nicholas Rush, who is clearly exhausted, that he needs to sleep. He ignores her at first, then tells her "soon" when she continues bug him about it. Manipulating the controls on the main chair, Rush drops the ship out of FTL. The jump countdown is set to slightly less than 11 hours. Jeremy Franklin appears, telling him that manipulating the countdown is complicated, with a large number of variables that determine its length. Rush agrees, noting that Destiny has a myriad of systems, each of equal complexity. Franklin points out that Rush trying to do the work of an entire crew isn't helping manners. Rush's only concern for the moment is trying to control the length of the countdown, and asks why Franklin, still entertaining the belief that he is a manifestation of the ship, doesn't help. Franklin wonders what Rush is really trying to gain by controlling the countdown, and seems unconvinced with his assertion that controlling the ship is key to the mission. Over the radio, Dr. Adam Brody informs Rush of the ship stopping when there's no Stargates in range, indicating that this has happened before. Dr. Lisa Park chimes in, adding that the ship is banking left on a new course, which doesn't make sense. The two are met with silence and try to get Rush's attention, so he claims he's busy and can't help them. They ask where he is and what he's doing, but Rush merely ends the conversation. Both express frustration with the ship's continued erratic behavior.

On Earth, Eli is brought to the hospital where his mother is being kept. Dr. Brightman explains that Marian stopped taking her HIV treatments, causing her T cell counts to drop below 300 and allowing Pneumonia to set in. They've restarted her AVR therapy and were successful in treating her pneumonia. With her T cell count leveled off, she's recovering, but Brightman fears that things will get worse if she stops taking her treatments again. Eli urges them not to let her, and to keep her at the hospital in necessary, but Brightman insists that the issue is psychological. She is suffering from depression, and their on-staff psychiatrist has made little progress in addressing the issue, which is why they sent for Eli. Unless Marian wants to get better, she'll neglect her treatment, which at this stage will almost certainly lead to her condition deteriorating to full-blown AIDS. Brightman leaves Eli to visit his mother. Eli does not tell her his identity, instead posing as Senior Airman Tracy, whose body he's inhabiting. He insists that Eli wanted to come but couldn't, adding that Eli's working on great things. He notes that Eli heard about her hospitalization, so Marian tells him to tell Eli she's fine. Knowing better, Eli tells his mother this, and adds that Eli is worried for her. Marian simply notes that Eli wasn't worried enough to come himself. Meanwhile, Camile Wray, inhabiting the body of Airman 1st Class Phillips, is dropped off at Sharon Walker's house. Sharon happily greets her partner after making sure it's her.

On Destiny, Chloe and Scott lie awake in bed. Scott asks Chloe where they are in their relationship, wondering if they would still be together under normal circumstances. She assures him that they would. Scott admits that he has little experience with committed relationships, and fears that he might do something to screw it up. Her quiet behavior as of late has him concerned, but Chloe snuggles up to him to reassure him.

On Earth, Wray has made lunch for herself and Sharon. Sharon is drinking wine, which Wray takes notice of but does not comment on. Sharon has missed Wray's cooking, having eaten mostly take-out food since she works at nights. Wray asks if everything is OK, and Sharon assures her that it is, though her overly-happy tone of voice fails to convince Wray. Sharon changes the subject back to the food, which she finds delicious.

On Destiny, Young has decided to release the Lucian Alliance prisoners into the general population. MSgt. Ronald Greer is heavily against the idea, but Young notes that they made a deal. The prisoners have been forthcoming, so he's going to allow them more freedom. He insists that the decision has been made. He does not intend to give them full freedom, however; each will be followed around the clock by a guard. Scott then comes in looking for Chloe, having been unable to find her anywhere.

In the mess hall, Lt. Vanessa James sits down with Lt. Tamara Johansen, who is staring off into space. They begin to make small talk when Simeon comes in under escort. James notes that Young released the prisoners, and comments apprehensively that they'll see how well it works. Simeon walks up to a table where Dr. Dale Volker, Brody, and Park are sitting. He whispers something into Park's ear, and all three immediately spring up. Park backs off, while Brody and Volker move forward to confront Simeon. James and TJ join in to see what's happening. Simeon insists that he was just making conversation, but Volker demands that Simeon apologize. James tries to defuse the situation, but neither man is listening. Simeon tries to intimidate him, but Volker doesn't back down. Greer, having just come in, pins Simeon to a wall before it can escalate further. He tells Simeon not to mess with his people, and when Simeon tries to claim that he was just talking to Park, adds that he isn't to talk to anyone, either. Simeon quips that he didn't know Park was Greer's woman, for which Greer has Simeon locked up until he learns some manners. Simeon tries to apologize, but this only encourages Greer to keep Simeon locked up further, so he accepts the punishment. After making sure that Park's ok, he informs those present that Chloe is missing, and that Young has ordered search teams to be formed to look for her.

On the bridge, Gloria notes that Rush is going to work himself to exhaustion, but Rush insists that there is too much work to be done. Gloria says that his lack of sleep will make him careless, citing the two people who have died from his actions. Rush says nothing.

In the empty and dark prisoner hold, Young comes in to speak with Simeon. Simeon quickly apologizes for his behavior, and promises that he can get along with the crew given the chance. He reminds Young of the deal they made, and claims that he intends to hold up his end. He insists that he can be trusted.

James' team comes across Chloe in one of the storage rooms, who appears to be trying to open a locked case with a screwdriver. James calls Chloe to snap her out of her trance, then asks what Chloe is doing. James radios Scott to inform him.

On Earth, Sharon is trying to find her keys. Wray is amused, since it's unlike Sharon to be forgetful. Sharon snaps at her, asking if she intends to help or not, but quickly composes herself and apologizes, chalking it up to being late. She then remembers where she left her keys, retrieving them from the outside lock on the front door, having left them there after getting groceries the previous day. She is upset at her forgetfulness, since it could have led to someone easily robbing the house. Wray calms her down. Changing the subject, Sharon promises to be gone for no more than an hour or two, and will call if things change.

At the hospital, Eli visits his mother again. He notes that she looks better, and that the doctors say she'll be released in no time. Marian asks why Eli hasn't called her, since it's not like him to remain out of contact for so long. Eli decides to tell her the truth. He starts by asking for her favorite movie, telling her to go along with his questions. She answers Grease. He says there's another, and she offers The Sound of Music. He clarifies the question to her favorite science fiction movie, which she claims she isn't a fan of. Eli brings up E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, knowing it's her favorite. He reminds her of how she rented for Eli as a kid, and how she wondered if alien life and space travel really were possible. Marian is confused at how this relates to Eli. Eli tells her that it is possible, and tries to explain the Stargate Program to her briefly. She's still confused, and he tells her that he is Eli, talking to her through Tracy's body from a ship far away. She just stares at him in disbelief.

Chloe is taken to the infirmary and examined by TJ. TJ questions Chloe on her memory loss. She admits this isn't the first time it's happened at Scott's prompt, describing the experiences as blackouts. Scott brings up the incident where James was taken over by the Nakai through the communication device, but Young has already made sure the communication stones were properly cleared to prevent that. Having found nothing wrong, TJ opts to keep Chloe overnight, just in case.

On Earth, Eli is trying to explain the function of the communication device to his mother, but it's clear to him from her expression that she isn't buying his story. At her insistence, he again explains where he is and how he got to be there, also adding that he is unsure when he's coming home. She is upset by his continued insistence that he is her son. Eli brings up the day his father left, which happened when he was 14, and how he ran to his room crying. His mother came up and told him that he needed to be strong for her, to be the man that his father wasn't. He tries to use this as proof that he is Eli, but Marian remains unconvinced, since Eli could have told him the story. Unwilling to listen any further, she calls for a nurse over Eli's frantic attempts to convince her he really is her son.

In their quarters, Scott, after a moment's hesitation, decides to go through Chloe's bag. He pulls out her diary and begins thumbing through the most recent pages. Turning to a page bookmarked with a picture of her father, Se is startled to find that Chloe has been filling out page after page with alien writing interspersed with Ancient script. He takes the diary to Young, Rush, and TJ. Rush identifies the alien writing as that of the Nakai. He can understand some of it, but most of it is beyond him. Scott realizes that they must have done something to her, suggesting a brain implant. Young notes that Rush declared Chloe to be free of tracking devices. Rush believes that Chloe is being altered on a cellular level, presumably through some sort of gradual genetic manipulation. Scott takes this to mean that Chloe might be changing into one of the aliens. Young advocates immediate quarantine, but TJ and Scott argue otherwise. Young doesn't want her roaming free if she's a security risk. Rush, however, believes it's a risk worth taking, since monitoring her behavior in the open will allow them to comprehend what happening to her far quicker than isolation will. Young agrees to the plan, so long as she's kept under watch at all times.

On Earth, Eli meets with Wray at the hospital, as she's the only person on the planet who can relate. Wray asks how his mother is doing. He tells her that there's nothing wrong with her physically, but that he always feared she would give up if something happened to him. Wray insists that nothing has happened to him, but Eli takes little solace in this, since his mother doesn't believe he is who he claims to be. As far as she's concerned, sees it the military took her son and won't let her speak to him. Eli sees how she could give up under those circumstances. Wray tells him that no one will give up, and that regardless of whether or not she believes Eli's story, he needs to get his mother to keep taking her treatments.

On Destiny, Chloe is being escorted by Scott around the ship. She notes she's no longer allowed in the Control interface room, and cannot use the communication device to visit her mother. Scott assures her it's only temporary. Rush comes in to relive him. Scott resists, but Rush claims it's Young's direct order, promising not to let Chloe out of his sight. Scott reluctantly leaves. Now alone, Rush escorts Chloe to a hallway filled with equations chalked onto the walls. When Chloe asks its purpose, he simply calls it a place for study. As Chloe moves down the hall, he asks if any of it is familiar to her. She stops at an empty spot on the wall, the missing solution to an equation Rush has yet to solve. Rush hands her a piece of chalk, and she fills in the answer, much to his surprise.

TJ stops by Varro's quarters to see how he's settling in. He invites her in, happy with his accommodations. He asks how long the soldiers will be watching them. TJ claims that they'll remain as long as they have reason, bringing up Simeon. He heard about the incident and apologizes, telling her that Simeon grew up on a rougher world than most. Young has decided to release him, but she leaves an open warning about what will happen if he slips up again. Varro says that he'll talk to Simeon, and says that they're trying to make things work. TJ merely says that Simeon needs to try harder.

Scott comes into the gate room, having been looking for Chloe. She calls to him from the balcony, where she is waiting with Rush. Scott was worried, since Rush didn't answer his radio. Rush merely claims that they lost track of time, and leaves Chloe in Scott's care. When Scott asks, she tells him about what they were doing, unsure if she actually understood the equations.

Wray arrives home at night, apologizing to Sharon for having spent so much time with Eli. Sharon is drinking wine again. She asks about Eli's mother, who Wray says is fine physically but suffering emotionally. After a tense silence, Wray asks if Sharon is ok. Changing the subject again, Sharon says that Wray's dinner is in the oven. Wray is surprised Sharon actually cooked, and Sharon jokingly depreciates her own work. Wray gladly accepts the meal. Wray strikes up a conversation about Sharon's day, which Sharon quickly passes off as a normal day. Sharon tries to refill her wine glass, only to find the bottle empty. She goes to get another.

Varro meets with Simeon just as he's leaving his quarters, bringing him back in to talk. He is furious that Simeon's attitude is jeopardizing their ability to get along with the crew. Simeon doesn't see the point, since the fact that they've been feeding their captors false information will be discovered eventually. Varro, however, really has been cooperating, much to Simeon's surprise. Simeon was under the impression that they weren't really cooperating, but Varro insists that everyone has been. He says that they have to find a way to get along with the crew. Simeon agrees to go along with Varro's plan, but refuses to betray the Alliance. Varro snaps at him to stop treating the situation as a game, and to keep his mouth shut. continued approach to the situation as some sort of game further infuriates him, and he tells him to just keep his mouth shut and not screw up their arrangement.

Destiny drops out of FTL again. From the bridge, Rush monitors the jump countdown, now set to a little over 13 hours. He is annoyed at having failed to achieve the desired result. In the control room, Brody and Park again notice the same hallmarks of no gates in range and an altered course that have followed Destiny's erratic stops. He calls for Rush, betting Park a day's rations that Rush won't respond. Sure enough, he doesn't, though Park refuses to honor the bet since she never actually agreed to it. Once Young comes in, Brody asserts that Destiny's behavior is too erratic to be caused by pulsar radiation damage. Park adds that the course changes don't fit, either. With Rush's suspicious absence every time the ship drops out of FTL, Young concludes that Rush is likely responsible. Young asks how Rush could be doing such a thing, but Brody doesn't know a way outside of having cracked the master code. Young wants them to figure it out. Brody would like Eli's help in doing so, but Young is unwilling to bring him back given the situation with his mother. Rush then comes in. Young confronts him about having his radio off, and catches him in a lie when Rush claims to have been resting; Young had someone sent to his room when he didn't answer the radio. Rush tries to change the subject to the situation with the drives, but Young keeps the pressure on. With few options left to him, Rush takes them to his hallway of equations, which he describes to them as the problems which have confused them since they came to the ship. He points out the one Chloe solved, and suggests that the alien influence within her is studying the ship. Young comes to the conclusion that Chloe may be responsible for Destiny's behavior, which Rush goes along with. A security team is sent to her quarters.

While wandering the corridors, Simeon runs into Greer, who tells him that the section is off-limits. Simeon notes that it wasn't before, and when he asks why is simply told to return to his quarters. He draws the conclusion that Greer is trying to provoke him, looking for an excuse to lock him up. Greer simply repeats his order with greater insistence. He taunts Greer about having a gun and being accompanied by other soldiers to back him up, but Greer calmly hands off his weapon and dismisses the guards. Face to face, Simeon is unwilling to press the issue. He walks off, followed by Greer.

Chloe is put in isolation. Scott brings her a meal and offers to get her anything she needs. He insists that Young is just confining her as a precaution. Chloe wants to know what's happening to her, but Scott doesn't know. He says she feels as if she's slipping away slowly, but Scott assures her that they'll figure it out and fix it.

On Earth, Sharon is awake in the middle of the night, staring out the window. Wray comes in to talk to her. Finally willing to talk, she admits that despite knowing it is Wray inside the body of another person, it still bothers her that she can't actually be with Wray in the flesh. Wray notes that the situation is hard, probably more so on Sharon than herself, and that it is easy to lose hope, but these moments with Sharon are what keep her going on Destiny. Sharon breaks down in Wray's arms, assuring her that she'll be ok over the tears.

Using a Kino, TJ and Young monitor Chloe during one of her blackouts. Most of the time she just sits there, motionless, occasionally writing in her diary. TJ can't detect any physical changes, and without the proper equipment doesn't know what else she can do. She advises Young that quarantine is not a long-term solution to Chloe's problem, which he knows.

On Earth, Eli tries one last time to get through to his mother. He says that he's worried, and can't leave her in her depressed state. Marian admits that Eli was all that she had, even if she didn't realize it at the time. She asks if she'll ever see him again. Eli cannot give her a definite answer. He again calls Wray for help, knowing that if he leaves now he'll lose his mother. Wray tries to reassure him that he'll get through it. He suggests that she talk to his mother, since having someone else from the program would help validate his story. This gives Wray an idea, and she promises to call Eli back shortly. Calling her superiors at Homeworld Command, she tries to convince them to show Marian something beyond her clearance, citing Eli's importance to their survival on the ship and their need for him to focused. Fed up with their resistance to the idea, she simply orders them to make it happen.

Marian is brought aboard Destiny using the communication device, seeing herself in the body of Park through a mirror. She examines her unfamiliar face. Young welcomes her to Destiny, then leaves so Eli can talk to her. Elated at finally getting to see her son, she hugs him tightly. Eli takes her to the Observation deck, which currently has a view of a ringed gas giant. After talking about the ship for a bit, he assures her that they'll never stop trying to get home, and that they'll both be alright. Marian hugs Eli once again, telling her son that she's proud of him.

After Marian has left, he talks with Scott and Young about the visit. He thanks Young for allowing he on board, adding that he made sure she understood that there couldn't be any more visits, but Young gives the credit to Wray. Over the radio, Rush informs Young that he may have discovered a way to cure Chloe: the interface chair. He believes that the chair is designed to reject any alien that tries to use it, destroying them. By having Chloe use it, hopefully the alien presence within her will be destroyed, leaving only the human behind. Rush can't be entirely sure, however. Scott objects, claiming it's too dangerous, but Rush assures him that he's made improvements to the interface which enable him to sever the connection at will. He believes a few seconds of exposure will be all that's necessary. Eli also objects, but Rush says it's the best option. TJ adds that it's also the only option. Scott doesn't think they should force Chloe into it, so Young decides to give Chloe the choice.

Chloe agrees to the treatment. Rush has her sit down, noting that it won't activate until he triggers it. With everything set up, Young gives the go-ahead. Rush engages the chair, which restrains Chloe. Her eyes roll back into her head as the interface connects to her. Once a few seconds have past, Rush disconnects her. It knocks her unconscious, but she is otherwise fine. Rush believes it has worked, but notes that they'll find out soon for sure.

Eli visits Wray in her quarters to thank her for her help. Wray asks if his mother believes his story now, which she does. Eli tells Wray that his mother is being discharged from the hospital. He thanks her again, this time for being there to talk to him. Meanwhile, on Earth, Marian is packing her things, preparing to leave the hospital. Sharon comes in and introduces herself, having come at Eli's suggestion.

Scott escorts Chloe back to their quarters, followed by TJ and Young. Young still plans to keep an eye on her at all times. Scott is still worried for her, but Chloe insists that she's fine. Later on, however, Rush comes in to talk to Chloe, and she realizes that she hasn't been cured, but Rush promises her freedom in exchange for help in his equations.

In a montage, Simeon continues to wander the ship, followed by Greer. Wray sits in her room, alone. Varro smiles at TJ as he passes her in the hall. Finally, Chloe has a meal with Scott and Eli in the mess hall.

On the bridge, Gloria asks Rush if he believes Chloe can help him, which he does. He has made a deal with her, hiding the fact that she is still under alien influence in exchange for helping him in his work. Rush tells Gloria that he needs it to be this way for the moment. Gloria wonders if Chloe can be trusted. Rush can't give an answer. In her quarters, Chloe lies awake, staring into the ceiling.


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Notable quotes

Marian: Why doesn't he call me? It's been months now, nothing. It's not like him.
Eli: Okay, okay. What's your favorite movie of all time?
Marian: What?
Eli: Just—go with me on this. Your favorite movie.
Marian: Grease.
Eli: No, there's another one.
Marian: The Sound of Music?
Eli: No, wait. Your favorite science fiction movie.
Marian: I'm not a fan of—
Eli: E.T. , right? That's your favorite.
Marian: Yes. I love that movie.
Eli: You rented it and showed it to him when he was a kid. You wondered if aliens really existed. If it's possible to fly spaceships to other planets and other solar systems.
Marian: What has this go to do with—
Eli: It is. Possible. Not just other solar systems. Other galaxies. You see, the Government. They have this program. The Stargate Program. And what a Stargate is, it's like a doorway. It allows you to step through and travel great distances through space, halfway across the universe in some cases.
Marian: Why are you telling me this?
Eli: Because I am Eli! I'm on a ship far, far away, but my consciousness is in this person's body. It really is me. Mom, I am your son.

Brody: Again with this? No gates.
Park: Altered course.
Brody: Bet you a day's rations he doesn't answer. (into radio) Doctor Rush, this is Brody, come in? Doctor Rush, please respond. (to Park) You owe me.
Park: I never agreed to that!

Young: What's this?
Rush: I come here to think.
Brody: And write on the walls?
Rush: Working on problems that have confused us since we set foot on this ship, Mr. Brody. (pointing to an equation Chloe added) This problem has been particularly frustrating, and yet Chloe ... she solved it in a minute flat. Whatever alien influence she's under, it's studying this ship.
Young: So you think she's hijacked the ship's systems during one of her blackouts?
Rush: Something she could have set in motion days, perhaps even weeks, ago.

Greer: Uh, this section's off limits.
Simeon: It wasn't earlier.
Greer: It is now.
Simeon: Why?
Greer: Back to your quarters.
Simeon: You're going to keep doing this, aren't you. Pushing me. Getting me to do something so you can lock me back up?
Greer: Back to your quarters.
Simeon: Oh, you're talking tough. You're armed. You've got your men here, covering you.
Greer: (laughing) That's true. (to both marines) Dismissed. (They leave) You were saying?
(Simeon smiles, then backs away and leaves)


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • The song that played at the end of the episode was "Ascolta" by Ludovico Einaudi.
  • During the initial set up for the first five episodes, the episode is the fourth episode in the second season, but would be the first to be filmed to give director Robert Carlyle time to prepare.


  • When Chloe Armstrong sits in the Destiny interface chair, her hair is sort of swept forward covering her forehead and temples, but when the electrodes press into her temples her hair is slightly pulled back to expose the skin.
  • When Dr. Brightman is telling Eli Wallace about his mother Marian Wallace, she says that she has stopped taking her AVR treatment. That is incorrect it should be ARV treatment. It stands for Anti Retro Viral treatment.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Kórokozó (Pathogen)
  • Russian: Патоген (Pathogen)

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