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Past and peace device

Daniel Jackson studying the device.

The past and peace device was a device which was found by SG-1 on the planet PX3-111 during the second year of the Stargate program. Samantha Carter noted that the device had some of the basic elements of a DHD but was more primitive, whilst Daniel Jackson noted that it had writing on the surface which was based on the Aztec language which noted something about the past and peace. The device itself was designed to allow people to relive past events in their mind, showing them how events would play out if they did things differently in order to find some form of peace.

Past and peace device activates

The device activated by Daniel Jackson.

While studying the device, Jackson accidentally activated it and was sent back to Abydos to relive Apophis' first visit to the planet. Gathering together the Abydonians, he ambushed Apophis and his Serpent Guards when they came through the Stargate and killed them all. It was only then that he realised Teal'c had been with the party and regretted his decision. While all this was happening in Daniel's mind, the rest of SG-1 had returned to Earth and brought Daniel to the Stargate Command infirmary. (SG1: "Daniel's Song")

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