"Fellow traveler, what brings you to this hellhole?"

Parva, designated P2X-678, is a desert planet with a Stargate and had held a Tok'ra base.


Parva was a primitive planet that was considered a hellhole by both its populace and outsiders. The entire planet had experienced a massive drought in the past, which turned every water body on Parva into dry riverbeds. The planet is covered in deserts, canyons, ridges and gorges that make traversing the terrain an arduous job. Additionally, the insanely hot temperatures of the planet wear down even the most resilient explorers. (RPG: "Field of Reeds")


Background information[]

More than a century ago, the Tok'ra had a base on Parva. The base was abandoned when the System Lord Nephthys invaded the planet. Nephthys then had a lengthy occupation of Parva. (RPG: "Field of Reeds")


After Wepwawet commandeered most of Nephthys' forces, the inhabitants of Parva rose up against the remaining Jaffa, driving them from the planet. (RPG: "Field of Reeds")

The Tok'ra Zelida and Phoenix-1 returned to the base and recovered three Stasis jars that contained Dowsha, Marseph, and Jandith. [1]

Afterwards, Selmak bombed the base to kill an Ashrak. (RPG: "Field of Reeds")

Indigenous animals[]

There are Parvan black jackals which look like black dogs. Teardrop flies swarm seemingly dry riverbeds, however, this is a sign that there's actually still water. It's just buried underneath the surface. Yosufa feared a creature called a Sand cat had snuck into a pen and killed a Goat, although Qabir believed it was an agent of Nephthys. Nagbe, a guide on Parva, also has a Donkey. (RPG: "Field of Reeds")


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