"I would very much like to have a weapon such as this."

The particle magnum[1] is the standard sidearm of the Travelers. One is also carried by Ronon Dex. It is an energy weapon with settings for stun, kill, and incinerate.


The particle magnum has the appearance of a long-barreled revolver. The cylinder of the weapon is a power cell with a luminescent dome on the back. The cell has a finite amount of energy, but can be removed to recharge or replace it. The barrel of the gun has three small crystals of increasing size from bottom to top. The weapon has three settings: stun, kill, and incinerate. The toggle is on the barrel just in front of the cylinder, and the cylinder color changes to indicate the setting: red is for stun, white is for the other settings.

When set on stun, the particle magnum can render the target unconscious for several hours with a single shot, making it far more potent than a Wraith stunner. When set to kill, it can kill humans and Wraith in a single blast. The incinerate setting can put a ten inch (25 centimeters) hole in most materials with a single shot, though it takes multiple shots to blast through Lantean doors, for example. The weapon is powerful enough to momentarily stun Asurans, at least when first used on them; in later engagements they are completely immune. It's one of the most effective energy pistols encountered by the Tau'ri, rivaling the Zat'nik'tel (SGA: "Runner", "Duet", "Trinity", "The Hive", "Travelers")


"I have a friend who's got a gun just like this. I always wondered where he got it."
John Sheppard

Somehow, Ronon came into possession of one of these weapons, presumably during his time as a Runner since it is not Satedan in origin. Ronon also has a backup power cell for his particle magnum which he keeps on his belt. He has woven Wraith hair around the grip. Both John Sheppard and Teal'c have expressed a great fondness for the weapon. (SGA: "Runner", "Duet", "Sateda", "The Hive", "Midway")

Sheppard discovered the origin of the weapon when he was kidnapped by the Travelers. (SGA: "Travelers")

The Asurans seem to have acquired one of these weapons, or more likely reproduced it, when they created a duplicate of Ronon Dex for experimentation. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil")



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