Particle accelerators are devices that use electrical fields to propel charged particles at high speeds to contain them. This technology was known to have been used by the Goa'uld Sokar and the Tau'ri.

Sokar's useEdit

The device was once used by Sokar to transmit an image of himself through the Iris of a Stargate. This accelerator also had the capability to heat up the Iris until it would be destroyed, which would bid him access to Apophis, who was recently captured. Fortunately, Apophis died, and they sent him through the Stargate between Sokar's diallings. (SG1: "Serpent's Song")

Tau'ri useEdit

Particle beam

A particle accelerator firing through a Stargate

Despite the Tau'ri having access to particle accelerators, Sokar's was more powerful. So they engineered a way to recreate Sokar's accelerator, to disintegrate vast amount of soil and rock from Edora, after the Stargate was buried during the fire rain of 2000, which trapped O'Neill. In the 2000s, a Large Hadron Collider was made by CERN, where several worries were addressed, including black holes capable of wiping out the Earth, but after the test in 2008, nothing devastating happened. (SG1: "A Hundred Days") (SGA: "Brain Storm")

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