"Paradise Lost" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


Harold Maybourne leads SG-1 to an arch on another planet, where he transports himself to "paradise". Unfortunately, Colonel Jack O'Neill is also stuck with him. It falls to Major Samantha Carter, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn to save them, that is if Maybourne and O'Neill don't kill each other first after they both fall victim to paranoia.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Colonel Harold Maybourne of the NID is imprisoned for treason. After assisting Colonel Jack O'Neill, Maybourne managed to get himself transferred to a less secure facility allowing him to escape.


Colonel Jack O'Neill is visited by Harold Maybourne, a man notorious for his illegal NID operations. Maybourne tells O'Neill that he knows about the goal of Frank Simmons: when Simmons tried to steal the Prometheus, it was to find a planet with a cache of weapons. Maybourne tells O'Neill that he knows the Stargate address of that planet.

Transport portal

The portal is activated.

SG-1 visits the planet P5X-777 without Maybourne. There they find out that the writings on the planet aren't of Ancient origin but instead belong to the Furlings, another one of the Alliance of Four Great Races. However they don't know how to unlock the seal to get to those weapons, so they have to trust Maybourne, who later goes with them to the planet. Unbeknownst to SG-1, Maybourne has his own agenda in mind as he escapes from SG-1 and flees through the alien door, which turns out to be a transportation device; however, he is immediately pursued by O'Neill. Major Samantha Carter and a team of scientists try to activate that device again, but fail. Searches come up empty; O'Neill and Maybourne are nowhere to be found.

The two adversaries are in the meantime spirited away to the planet's moon (though no one is yet aware of this) where Maybourne explains to O'Neill the significance of the moon, described in legend as an "alien utopia" where Maybourne had hoped to hide away from his checkered past on Earth.

As Carter begins a frantic project to reopen the alien portal, O'Neill and Maybourne discover an empty shell of a civilization with no survivors left to explain their demise. They both realize they may be stuck on this alien world indefinitely and begin to dig in for the long haul, which Maybourne doesn't make easy for Jack. After a week the scientists have to give up (much to Carter's protest) and even the Tok'ra don't find anyone on the planet.

Goa'uld (Paradise Lost)

O'Neill finds a Goa'uld skeleton.

O'Neill begins to uncover clues to the utopia's fate and notices increasingly paranoid behavior from Maybourne. Maybourne hears something at night, demands Jack's pistol and even runs away after a few days. Finally, O'Neill discovers Goa'uld skeletons in some of the houses with a mysterious plant nearby that he identifies as the substance he saw Maybourne eating all throughout their stay on the alien moon. O'Neill returns to discover that Maybourne has taken weapons that O'Neill hid with the very intent of keeping them from the delusional Maybourne. However he also starts to become paranoid.

Search for Jack O'Neill

O'Neill and Maybourne are rescued by the Tok'ra.

Back at the SGC, Carter is crying over O'Neill's absence; Teal'c comforts her. Later, Carter realizes that O'Neill and Maybourne were sent to the alien moon from MALP playback footage. By this time, however, Maybourne's paranoia has erupted into a firefight with O'Neill. When O'Neill tries to explain how the plant has affected Maybourne's mind, he is answered with more gunfire from Maybourne. The fight ends with O'Neill shooting Maybourne, subduing him. O'Neill cares for the wounded Maybourne who now, with a cleared mind and injured body, can understand that O'Neill isn't trying to kill him. Soon afterward, a Tok'ra Tel'tak, whose aid was enlisted by Carter, flies over O'Neill's position, rescuing him and Maybourne from the empty paradise. Jack also says he will convince the Tok'ra to take Maybourne to a nice planet on which he can retire.


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Notable quotes[]

Maybourne: I helped myself. I hope you don't mind.
O'Neill: You're eating my dog.
Maybourne: Want it back?
O'Neill: Would you like a beer to wash it down?
Maybourne: Already got one.
O'Neill: What are you doing here?
Maybourne: I can't drop by an old friend's house for a little barbecue?
O'Neill: Well there's that whole treason thing.

Maybourne: I was really broken up when Simmons died by the way...
O'Neill: Yeah, we all shed a tear.

Maybourne: Well. Thanks for the beer. Nothing I like more than a good weiner.
O'Neill: Yes. You are what you eat.

O'Neill: (Maybourne has stopped walking up the Gate ramp) Yes?
Maybourne: You know the real reason I wanna do this?
O'Neill: Huh?
Maybourne: I've never actually been through this thing before.
O'Neill: Really?
Maybourne: I ran the off-world operation from Earth using a Goa'uld communicator.
O'Neill: Nervous?
Maybourne: Me? Nah... I'm just taking a moment.
O'Neill: (pause) Done?
Maybourne: Yeah!
O'Neill: Good.

Teal'c: Are you able to translate any of this, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: It's not Ancient, but it's definitely a language belonging to one of the races of the ancient alliance.
O'Neill: Nox? Asgard?
Jonas: Furlings.
O'Neill: Oh, no. Not those guys.
Jonas: What?
O'Neill: Oh, I don't know. I just can't imagine cute, little, furry things making big powerful weapons, that's all.
Jonas: I don't even know what they look like.
O'Neill: Furling. Sounds cute and fuzzy to me.

O'Neill: (To Maybourne) You know Harry, It's not that I can't believe you lied to me again. It's that YOU LIED TO ME AGAIN!

O'Neill: (arriving at the empty shell of civilization) How old was that invitation?

Maybourne: You gonna kill me?
O'Neill: I'll sleep on it.

Maybourne: Jack, I can't live on this stuff. It tastes like arugula
(O'Neill looks at Maybourne.)
Maybourne: I hate arugula.
O'Neill: Don't eat it.
Maybourne: We have to eat.
O'Neill: You know, if you keep standing there, yakking away, I'm not going to catch anything.
(Maybourne produces a makeshift grenade from his pocket and throw it into the lake.)
O'Neill: What was that?
(Maybourne pulls out the detonator.)
O'Neill: Oh, jeez!
(The grenade explodes in the lake.)
O'Neill: That is just wrong on so many levels.
(Maybourne produces two dead fish from the lake.)
O'Neill: Don't ever do that again.

(Carter is crying over O'Neill's absence.)
Teal'c: Major Carter.
Carter: Teal'c, this is the women's locker room
Teal'c: It appears there is no one else here but you, and you are fully clothed.
Carter: Heh, true.

O'Neill: I think you suffered enough. Hell, I even got to shoot you.
Maybourne: Twice.


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  • This episode is a reference to John Milton's Paradise Lost, which would draw certain parallels between Maybourne and Lucifer.
  • Maybourne says "But the address can be yours right now for what's behind door number one." This is reference to Let's Make a Deal.
  • According to Joseph Mallozzi, Maybourne was going to die at the end of the episode in early versions of the script but this was changed before the final draft.
  • Maybourne and O'Neill refer to events of "Prometheus".


  • During the scene where Colonel Jack O'Neill is having his paranoid trip (around 31:39), he backs up on a stack of hay, knocking the metal vase over. When the shot cuts to a mid-range, the vase is back on top of the hay.

Other languages[]

  • French: Paradis Perdu (Paradise Lost)
  • Italian: Paradiso Perduto (Paradise Lost)
  • Spanish: Paraíso Perdido (Paradise Lost)
  • Czech: Ztracený Ráj (Paradise Lost)
  • German: Das verlorene Paradies (Paradise Lost)
  • Hungarian: Elveszett Paradicsom (Paradise Lost)

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