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"Painful Moments" is the thirty-third webisode of 34 Kino webisodes.


Dr. Adam Brody, Dr. Lisa Park, Dr. Morrison, Sgt. Hunter Riley and Eli Wallace recount their most emotionally painful moments in life.


Eli Wallace is interviewing people about their most painful moments. Dr. Adam Brody says he was struck by lightning when he was a kid but Eli asks for something emotionally painful. Brody can't think of anything because he is very happy person and has been told he is the life of the party. Eli stares at him in silence.

Dr. Lisa Park says her most painful moment was when her father left when she was in fourth grade. She says she does still have a good relationship with him but still has dreams about that day.

Dr. Morrison is not being cooperative and refusing to answer but Eli keeps asking. Morrison finally relents and says that people cause him the worst emotional pain.

Sgt. Hunter Riley says when he was in High school, his older brother died of cancer. He says he was the strongest person he ever knew.

Eli attempts to record one of his own but gets to emotional and has to stop several times and is only able to say that he is pretty homesick at the moment. He then turns off the Kino.


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