The Pack is a group of humans from hundreds of worlds around the Milky Way galaxy. They are a nomadic spacefaring people who have fled the Goa'uld domain for generations.

History[edit | edit source]

The first members of the Pack were the Calaians, who fled their homeworld of Calai to escape the System Lord Heru'ur, with the Wanderer being their first home. Over time, people of hundreds of worlds joined them to escape Goa'uld oppression. Their fleet was mainly made up of Goa'uld Ha'tak from Khepera's war fleet, housing roughly sixty million people. They were also known to trade technology with other races that benefitted both sides. Eventually the Pack got in touch with the Aschen who offered them a place in their confederation, but they rejected the offer.

However, a member of the Pack was tricked into forming a secret alliance with Mirris, a member of the Aschen with a particular vendetta against the SGC, who sought to arrange for the Pack to make contact with the Tau'ri with the goal of smuggling an Aschen bio-weapon onto Earth that would release a new version of the sterility pathogen on Earth. This plan was averted thanks to the efforts of Commander Jack O'Neill and his daughter Jade from a future where the plan succeeded, as the pathogen had mutated to induce sterility across almost 90% of the galaxy. In the final battle, the Aschen unleashed a bioweapon against the Wanderer, which the Pack then sent to Kytos twin suns. Stargate Command eventually offered the Pack their help to find a planet that they could settle on and they accepted the offer after losing the Wanderer. (SG1: "Relativity")

Known Pack[edit | edit source]

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