PX5-442 is a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy that is neutral ground for the various Wraith factions by ancient Wraith tradition.

History[edit | edit source]

By ancient Wraith tradition, this planet was declared neutral ground where the various Wraith factions could meet in peace to negotiate. As a result, it was used many times over the millennia for this purpose. Despite the Atlantis database listing the planet as uninhabited, at some point, a tribe of Wraith worshippers settled on the planet and served the Wraith who came to negotiate for generations. These people saw the Wraith as the "dead gods" and themselves as the dead who would be reborn when given the Gift of Life for their service to the Wraith. Many of the people appeared to have ailments, possibly terminal illnesses they hoped they Wraith would heal for them for their service. They also dressed themselves in the manner of Wraith and appeared to use some Wraith technology.

In 2009, the Atlantis expedition contacted Guide in hopes of negotiating with him for information on the captured Doctor Rodney McKay. Guide agreed to meet with representatives from the expedition on the neutral ground of PX5-442, willing to extend the Wraith tradition of the planet being neutral ground to the humans despite other Wraith not likely being willing to hold to the same agreement. Believing the planet uninhabited due to the Atlantis database, Major Evan Lorne led a team that quickly scouted the planet, but failed to detect the Wraith worshippers. Doctor Jennifer Keller and Ronon Dex eventually traveled to PX5-442 to negotiate with Guide before being interrupted by the arrival of Wraith loyal to Queen Death. While hiding, Carlin's sister attempted to betray the two to the Wraith belonging to Queen Death, but was accidentally killed by Keller before she could do so. Keller was able to convince Guide to locate McKay, who he had learned was in the hands of Queen Death and inform Atlantis where he was so they could rescue him. Negotiations over, both Guide and Keller and Ronon departed the planet. (SGA: "The Lost")

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