"A world once inhabited by Ancients...A village shrouded in the mists of time."
Cameron Mitchell[src]

P9G-844 was a planet in the Milky Way settled by the group of Sodan more than 5,000 years ago, when they were trying to locate Kheb. The world was an Ancient-controlled planet, possibly outpost, millennia ago that is still is protected with an Ancient transporter that sends people to a remote part of the planet, behind the Mountains of Dor Tanak. These mountains are a most fierceful place, where many have lost their lives in the difficult terrain. Also protecting the planet's inhabitants are Invisibility devices built using Ancient designs. (SG1: "Babylon")



This area was used for the ritual of Kel shak lo, where a ritual battle with another warrior within the Sodan ultimately leads to the death of one of the warriors.

Eye of the GodsEdit

The Eye of the Gods was used as a method of quick passage to their settlement from the Stargate, allowing Sodan warriors to travel from their village to the Stargate in short periods of time.