P3X-984, a planet on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy where the First Alpha Site was located. Both Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra used this place as refuge. (SG1: "Allegiance")


Little is known about P3X-984, but initial surveys found no sources of indigenous life or civilization. P3X-984 is located on a star system with at least one neighboring planet; a large gas giant that can be seen in the evening sky. The planet itself has no detectable satellites in orbit though the SGC hopes that the Tok'ra can eventually send a survey vessel to conduct more extensive investigations.

The area around the planet's Stargate consists of low foothills leading up to small mountain ranges in a moderately temperate climate. The higher elevation surrounding the Stargate (and the Alpha Site) makes it somewhat cooler in the winter months. Plentiful drinking water can be found in the neighboring countryside. A dense forest stands two miles away, leading down into the valley where natural resources and wildlife can be found. The Alpha Site relies entirely on supplies from Earth but, should the situation call for it, the base has access to indigenous food and supplies. The soil surrounding the established base is rocky and dry, unsuitable for farming. However, a series of lowlands, located some six miles to the south, hold nutrient-rich soil and several streams that feed in from the surrounding foothills and ridges. The SGC is currently in the process of evaluating horticulture studies to determine the feasibility of growing crops here.

Rain showers in the spring and summer months are common on P3X-984 but brief. Fortunately, the relatively constant temperatures allowed the Alpha Site to be deployed with minimal standing structures. Additionally, the planet's magnetic field is slightly similar to that of P3X-562, which means the Unity can prosper on this world. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game") (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")


It was ultimately abandoned after Anubis learned its location from mind probing Jonas Quinn. (SG1: "Fallen", "Death Knell")


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