P3X-562 is a planet located in the Milky Way Galaxy. It had a Stargate and is also home to the remaining members of the crystalline Unity species.


P3X-562 mainly consists of a bright yellow sandy landscape with many dunes and hills. Along with that, P3X-562's electromagnetic field has less strength than that of Earth's, allowing Unity to live without decay. Most remaining members of Unity were placed in mass groups where they were destroyed by Goa'uld forces.


Many years prior to 1997, the Goa'uld visited P3X-562. When a Goa'uld touched one of the Unity crystalline entities, a powerful blast from the crystal killed the Goa'uld in question. Now deemed a threat, the Unity members were all eventually rounded up and mass murdered, with only a few of them surviving the slaughter.

In 1997, P3X-562 was visited by SG-1, who investigated the, unknown to them, mass grave of Unity. Colonel Jack O'Neill was able to locate a surviving member of Unity. However he was knocked unconscious by the power of the crystal which also formed the crystal into a duplicate or rather a copy of Jack O'Neill. When this duplicate was discovered decaying on Earth in a hospital, the real O'Neill returned it back to P3X-562, the duplicate having now taken on the form of Jack's dead young son, Charlie O'Neill. (SG1: "Cold Lazarus")

Behind the scenes[]

  • P3X-562's taping location was a sulfur mine in British Columbia, hence the yellow 'sand'.