"The gate has just been dialed to P1X-774 which has an off-world base camp."
Dr. Jason Burg[src]

P1X-774 is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy that has a Stargate. The planet is prone to acidic rainstorms. It has pink clouds that produce highly acidic rain. The darker the pink tint the higher the acidity level. P1X-774 was the location of an off-world Tau'ri outpost. About one klick from the planet's Stargate, there was a small cache of weapons and rations.


SG-15 had explored the area.

At some point, the base camp had been ransacked by the System Lord Wepwawet's forces, which left most supplies damaged, broken, or missing.

In 2002, Dr. Jason Burg and Danos dialed P1X-774 to demonstrate the protocols of gate travel to Phoenix Site recruits and to help bring supplies to the base camp located there. When the Phoenix Site Gate room had a coolant leak and went into lockdown, the recruits went through the Stargate to P1X-774. They headed to the camp to locate a med pack to help Bervell and found that the base had been ransacked. The DHD's power crystal had also been tampered with, however Bervell managed to fit a replacement from a FRED.[1] (RPG: "Groundbreaking")


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