Ovirda is an ambassador for the planet Langara, involved in negotiation with Homeworld Command regarding using their planet as power source to dial Destiny. Ovirda's office may represent an evolution in the geopolitics of Langara, as the planet was previously represented by the three members of the Joint Ruling Council. Either the Langaran ambassador is an appointment by the council, or Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation have further joined together, perhaps in creating a unified state.

From the onset, Ovirda refused to permit Earth to use their stargate as a supply line to Destiny, fearing that Langara would be destroyed the same as P4X-351 and the Icarus-like planet. Despite Rodney McKay's insistence that his new solution would eliminate the risks that were inherent in the first two nine-chevron dialing attempts, Ovirda denied Homeworld Command the chance to implement it into their unique naquadriah-powered stargate.

When Richard Woolsey continued to push in their initial meeting on Earth, Ovirda took Woolsey's implications to suggest that Earth's support and defense of Langara against the Lucian Alliance were perhaps conditional upon Langara's compliance. Woolsey assured him, however, that it wasn't the case.

Later, after an SG-team had covertly taken control of Langara's stargate facility, Ovirda eventually was able to regain control of the facility with a Langaran security team and forced Earth's personnel to stand down, threatening to have his men open fire should the stargate reach the eighth chevron in it's dialing process. McKay was able to determine that his program was working correctly but advised Col. Everett Young to abort the mission to spare any hope of continued diplomacy between Earth and Langara, believing the mission was already a failure given the circumstances. (SGU: "Seizure")

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Ovirda has demonstrated a stubborn approach to diplomacy, not conceding anything when hearing Earth's proposal to use Langara's stargate for it's unique power source. However, deceptive actions of Homeworld Command, and the violations of Langara's sovereignty in so doing, Ovirda apparently left diplomatic channels open to Earth and the friendship between the two worlds continues.

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