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"Outsiders" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Dr. Carson Beckett, now a traveling doctor in Pegasus comes across a planet, where some of the villagers are refugees from Balar, a planet infected with the Hoffan drug, and destroyed by the Wraith. However, the Wraith arrive on the planet and gives the village an ultimatum, hand over the Balarians, or face destruction of the entire civilization.

Previously on Stargate: Atlantis

The Atlantis expedition encountered a race called the Hoffans, who showed them a drug that can stop the Wraith from feeding on them. However, the feeding Wraith would die, and 50% of the recipients of the drug would also die. The expedition left after hearing the flaws, and ignoring them. The Wraith discovered what they were doing and wiped out the Hoffan race. Four years later, several planets across the Pegasus galaxy were infected with a plague, only to discover that it was a new, improved version of the drug, administered by Michael Kenmore, who stole the Hoffan drug research.


Dr. Carson Beckett is treating several people on Elson's planet in Pegasus, and just finishes on a little girl, who gives her the bad news that she has to go in for school tomorrow. Later, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team|his team arrive. Sheppard has come to deliver medical supplies to Beckett, to help him treat more of the people. Beckett tells them that the locals have taken in the survivors of the Hoffan drug, from the planet of Balar. He introduces the team to Novo, a Balarian. Beckett tells the team that the supplies won't last long because the Hoffan drug has caused infections in the survivors. Beckett also explains that Balar was wiped out by the Wraith, as some of them went on to wipe out any civilization with the drug in their system. Since they're "poison", they can't risk letting a civilization advance, so they have them destroyed. Outside, they wonder how Carson is doing. He is doing very well, and since several worlds have given him such generous hospitality, he feels like he has made a difference, and doesn't miss Atlantis. However, their conversation is cut short, when they hear screaming. They see nine Wraith warriors arrive in the village, and Sheppard's team takes cover.

The Wraith Commander demands the Balarians.

The team realize right away that there are no Wraith Darts, and the nine warriors aren't attacking. They then see the Wraith Commander demanding to speak to the village leader. Elson walks up to him. The Commander explains that he knows of certain refugees from a planet they wiped out. He wants the village to turn over the Balarians, and the planet will be safe, but if not, everyone will be killed. The Commander tells the village that by the end of the night, a Hive Ship will arrive to wipe them out. They have until then to make up their mind.

While the Balarian couple, Novo and Sefaris, explain to the team that they and the other Balarians are locked out of the meeting between the village leaders, Sheppard tries to go there. Meanwhile, the leaders discuss the fate of the "outsiders". Elson, and Renni decide not to turn them in, since they are guests who have done nothing to the village, and even consider them family. Jervis on the other hand, wants to turn them in, despite Renni telling him that if they do hand over the Balarians, they will be no better than the Wraith. Sheppard enters the council chamber as they are considering the problem, and offers them another option; Rather than hand over their guests, his team can help resettle everyone on another world, in relative safety from the Wraith, more than 600 people. He convinces them that even if they do cooperate with the Wraith, they could destroy the village anyway and destroy them for being an "inconvenience".

Convinced that the Wraith might kill them either way, Elson agrees to the evacuation. Sheppard sends Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagan to the Stargate, knowing the Wraith have guarded it in order to prevent the village from escaping. The two see a small contingent of Wraith guarding the Gate, and the two prepare to attack them once the rest of the team come. Suddenly the two see dozens more Wraith arrive at the Gate. Ronon and Teyla inform the rest of the team that they cannot leave now.

Jervis leaves the council meeting, knowing he has lost the argument to give the Balarians to the Wraith. He takes the law into his own hands, and gathers several other villagers to drive the Balarians out. The men arm themselves with rifles, and begin to capture many of the Balarians in the village. A group with Nova and Sefaris try to evade them, but are surrounded. Sheppard's team arrives at the building where Carson is treating the more seriously injured Balarians and tells Carson that they need to move them out of the village. Suddenly Jervis and his men arrive and attempt to take the rest of the Balarians. During the standoff, Carson confronts Jervis and urges them to kill the Balarians, because he will not relinquish them to him, and they would be better off dying anyway. Jervis and his team are forced to surrender. However, Jervis tells them that the rest of his men have already delivered the first group of Balarians to the Wraith. The team lock up Jervis and his men in the village's jail and decide to move the villagers into the mine for safety.

Sefaris trades Dr. Beckett's life for his own.

In the field where the Stargate is, the Balarians, including Novo and Sefaris are circled by the Wraith. The Hive Ship arrives at the planet and the Wraith informs the Balarians that they will be moving soon. Sefaris tries to make a deal with the Wraith; he knows of someone who is very valuable, but will only give him to the Wraith if they let the Balarians go. After the Wraith don't agree, he does it for an exchange of his own life. The Commander agrees. Meanwhile, the village and much of Sheppard's team are in the mine, and call Dr. Rodney McKay and Beckett to hurry up with the packing. The two are almost finished packing more supplies, when the Wraith and Sefaris arrive. The Wraith stuns both Beckett and McKay. Sefaris tells the Commander that he has made good on his end of the bargain and wants to be released. However, the Commander goes back on his deal, and takes out a knife, more than likely killing Sefaris.

Beckett and McKay later awaken in a holding cell on board the Hive Ship. The Wraith Commander arrives and takes them to a laboratory that belonged to their top Wraith Scientist. The Scientist was researching a way to detect the Hoffan Drug before he died. His death was a result of feeding on an infected human, which proved that his experiments had failed. The Wraith tells Beckett that if he finishes the research, they will not kill the humans on the planet below.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Beckett and McKay's capture, Sheppard has an idea on who may be responsible. He sneaks into the village and into the jail, where he holds Jervis, pointing his pistol at his neck. He explains the doctors have been captured. Jervis and his men tell him that they didn't have anything to do with this, since Beckett was nothing but good to them. Jervis says that he does know the Balarians are probably behind this.

Beckett and McKay in the lab on board the hive ship.

In the Hive, Beckett is working on the research when he stops and finds something, then demands to see the Commander. McKay wants to know what he found, but Beckett will not say. He is then escorted to the Commander's chamber. He tells the Commander that he is not going to finish the research, and will not do his dirty work for him, stating that people will die either way, whether he completes it or not, and isn't scared of what the Commander will do to him. The Wraith, now enraged, feeds on Beckett. However, he is unaffected by the feeding and the Wraith falls to the floor, in pain. Beckett tells the Commander that his Scientist was actually close to detecting the drug, he did a blood test on himself, and discovered that he was infected by the drug too. The Commander dies.

Beckett grabs the Commander's weapon and escapes. He stuns several guards and frees McKay. But before they exit the lab, they destroy all the Scientist's research. The two men wander through the ship until they find a control console. McKay goes to work and manages to gain control of communications. They contact Sheppard, who tells them to take the ship's weapons off line, despite alerting the Wraith to them. McKay works on shutting the weapons down, but the Wraith discover the Commander's dead body, and the two men are then attacked by the Wraith. Beckett holds them off while McKay disables the ship's weapons. They then flee to the dart bay and attempt to take one of the Darts. Unable to make it work, McKay tells Beckett that he has another plan.

On the planet, Elson sneaks into Jervis' holding cell and tells them that he does not trust the Atlanteans anymore, since they don't have a plan. He asks if Jervis can get the Wraith to honor the original deal. Jervis says he will, but he will need to get all of the outsiders at once. Elson tells him that they are all in the mine and gives him the keys to the cell door.

Jervis and the Wraith with the C-4 about to explode.

Jervis, his men and the Wraith are marching through the mines, where they arrive at the spot where the outsiders should be, but the room is empty. The new Wraith Commander searches the room, and picks up a block of C-4. Outside the mine, Sheppard detonates the C-4 and a large area of the ground collapses. Sheppard tells Elson that he did a good job, and Ronon asks if he thinks they killed enough Wraith to make a difference.

The team takes out the remaining Wraith guarding the Gate and begin to evacuate the villagers when several darts arrive. Almost all the people have gone through the gate when Teyla is nearly abducted by a dart, but instead McKay and Beckett beam down. McKay tells her that he programmed the dart to beam them down and not beam people up. They all escape, just before a dart could scoop them up.

Back at Atlantis, Beckett is at a workstation reviewing Dr. Keller's research on the enzyme that is keeping him alive hoping to find something to help the survivors of the Hoffan Drug from getting infections. McKay enters to let him know that Major Evan Lorne and his team has found a new planet for the Balarian survivors. Beckett is aware, and plans to leave with them. McKay invites him to lunch so they can catch up, but Beckett says he has to finish reading. McKay says he can download the material for Beckett to study later, but Beckett tells him Richard Woolsey will not let Keller's research off the base. Because of this, Beckett has to work on the enzyme while he can. McKay says fine, but then Beckett has to stop complaining that they never have any social time. Beckett agrees that he can't solve all the problems of the galaxy in one day, and lunch does sound like a good idea. On the way out, Beckett asks McKay if he is interested in anyone. McKay poorly hides the fact that he is.


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Notable quotes

Wraith Commander: Turn over these outsiders and your lives will be spared. Resist...and you will all die together. The choice is yours.

Sheppard: Jervis taken care of?
Teyla: He and his men have been locked up. They will not be giving us any more trouble. Though I do not think it was necessary to stun them.
Ronon: Felt good, though.

(McKay and Beckett are in a holding cell.)
McKay: I've got lots of experience escaping from these things.
Beckett: You do?
McKay: Oh, yeah, yeah. Been in this situation dozens of times, always figured a way out.
Beckett: How, exactly?
McKay: Ah, let's see. Uh, last time, Teyla was posing as a Queen, so, um... you know, she had us released.
Beckett: Not much chance of that happening.
McKay: No, I guess not.
Beckett: How about the time before that?
McKay: Ronon's friend Tyre was pretending to be in league with the Wraith but really he was on our side so... he let us out.
Beckett: I'm starting to sense a pattern here. You've actually never really escaped from one of these cells on your own, have you?
McKay: First time for everything, right?

Beckett: What are we doing, exactly?
McKay: What do you think? Looking for a way off the ship.
Beckett: By wandering aimlessly through the hallways?
McKay: I'm not wandering aimlessly. I'm exploring. There's a big difference.

(after reaching the Wraith dart)
McKay: Oh, come on.
(McKay runs toward the cockpit's seat. Beckett scrambles up onto the side of the cockpit.)
McKay: What are you doing?!
Beckett: I'm getting in.
McKay: We can't both fit in here!
(Beckett squeezes in beside him.)
Beckett: You're damn right I can! Now shove over!
(Carson crams his way in beside Rodney, who glares at him.)
McKay: Comfy?
Beckett: Peachy!

(In the Wraith dart, Rodney takes hold of a lever and presses the top of it several times.)
Beckett: What are you waiting for?
McKay: Well, it should just fire up.
Beckett: Well, it didn't.
McKay: Yeah, I know that, but it doesn't make any sense. I mean, a canopy should form over our heads. Maybe there's some kind of a weight limit.
Beckett: (indignantly) What's that supposed to mean?
McKay: I mean because there's two of us!
Beckett: Well, maybe you need a key or something.
McKay: (angrily) It's not a Volkswagen, Carson! Ok, look...these are obviously the flight controls; that makes that propulsion, so ...
(He keeps pressing the button on the top of the lever but still nothing happens.)
Beckett: How'd you come up with that brilliant conclusion?
McKay: It's just common sense! (He slaps the console angrily.) Ah, come on!
Beckett: Right, common sense.
McKay: (shouting furiously) Look, what do you want from me? It's not like there's labels!

(Rodney asked Carson if he wanted to grab something to eat but he's looking over Dr. Keller's research about the serum on the computer instead)
McKay: Well, you don't have to do this now. I'll download the data to a drive and you can just, you know, take it with you.
Beckett: Actually, you can't. Mr. Woolsey doesn't want it leaving the base.
McKay: Oh.
Beckett: I'm sorry, Rodney.
McKay: (grumpily) Well, I don't care. No, I was just trying to stop you from whining about never seeing me. All right.
(He turns and walks away. Carson calls after him.)
Beckett: Rodney, wait.
(Rodney turns back to him.)
Beckett: Now that I think of it, I am a wee bit peckish. Besides, I can't solve all the galaxy's problems in one day, can I?
McKay: (pointing to himself) Well, I said ...
Beckett: (smiling) Shut it. Right, let's go.
(Shutting down the lid of the laptop, he puts his jacket on and follows Rodney out of the room.)
Beckett: So, interested in anyone these days?
McKay: Me? No, I'm, I don't ... (he babbles incoherently.)
Beckett: You're a terrible liar, Doctor McKay! Tell me, tell me, tell me!


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  • Last episode (SGA: The Lost Tribe) the gateroom was shown to be completely destroyed due to the detonation of Atlantis' stargate, yet by this episode it is completely repaired (elaborate glass panes included). The Tau'ri do not have the ability to reconstruct Ancient technology and there was no indication that there was any type of spare equipment for what was damaged (not to mention the heavy structural damage and the control crystal required to dial eight-symbol addresses).
  • Despite her abilities, Teyla Emmagan didn't realize the Wraith were on the planet until the villagers began panicking over their appearance.
  • Despite there being 600 to 700 people in the village, the number of people evacuated through the Stargate at the end appears to be far less with too little time to have evacuated such a large number of people.
  • Dr. Rodney McKay fixed a Wraith Dart in "The Lost Boys" and also made an interface for Sheppard. He should know such basic things as "switch on” and "start the engine” even if he could not fly it with too much confidence.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Kívülállók (Outsiders)
  • German: Außenseiter (Outsiders)
  • French: Les Balarans (The Balarians)

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