Outlands is a place on the planet Longinus. Below the cliff where the dome stands Outlands begins. They extend over hundreds of miles of mountains, plains and valleys and has hosted dozens of settlements in the occupied Longinus history. All passengers often he Outlands is people who have come to the planet battle and some Jaffa that maintains order usually as discreet as possible. Jaffa and work in the observation dome looks at his brothers in which smaller creatures and would horrified at the thought of leaving their relative luxury and comfort for brutality Outland life. Jaffa themselves rarely participate in the fight: even as a wargame pressure of too many "real" soldiers would do the visiting System Lords extremely nervous.

Not all Outlanders are soldiers, in fact most do not. Conducts a perpetual war requires considerable background support and resources settlements in Outlands are focused on giving. Miners, shepherds, weavers, gunsmiths, animal trainers, farmers, armor, hunters, tanners, leather workers and even scribes and clerks with women and children make up the bulk imported population. Running a well-run army is a difficult business and champion cultures have always been the ones with the strongest infrastructure. Currently, the master is the Saracens who is actually a mix of several Islamic cultures united under the military leader Salah al-Din. During the Crusades . Their ancestors were kidnapped by Azrael during the late 1100s and early 1200s to seed his breeding program . Stripped of its original leader, was Saracen were the first to suffer racial and religious strife, but the link they realized that their numbers were so few that they could only survive by working together. This satisfied Azrael, for he had already seen the Goa'uld themselves weakened by mutual bickering and found that the most successful leaders were those who co-opted his opponents rather than destroy them.

He encouraged this tendency in the Saracens who put it into practice when they defeated the Romans in Longinus . This left them in the novel position of having a stronger army after the conflict than when it started. Full Romanesque devices will now among the Saracens referring to them as Yeniceri - "new troops" or Janissaries . The former Roman cities Tarquinii and Carsioli is not badly damaged during the Roman-Saracen war and together with the fortress town Masyaf and fast - growing cities Edessa and Balbek are the main population centers in a rapidly growing empire. In contrast to this, disorganized roving bands of survivors which refer to themselves as apostates.

They are just the latest of many groups that have banded together after the destruction of their original cultures. These groups are generally hunted and wiped out within a few years after its formation the Romans were very good at eradicating the "barbarians", but by remaining nomads the apostates have stayed a few steps ahead of the Outlands governing authority for about 50 years now.

The core of the apostates were originally a trio of knights descended from the medieval Europeans Sokar posing as Satan transported away from Earth via Antarctica Stargate, along with some farmers here three barely escaped the Roman legion that wiped Sokar's last entry in the never ending tournament. A few weeks later came across a little band descended from the Oglala Sioux whose people had fallen to the Roman four years earlier. For some desperation or blind luck, the two groups came to an alliance. Combine the nomadic survival skills Sioux with Europeans knowledge of strategy and tactics of the Knights had remarkably advanced military minds of the group managed to survive and attract the scattered remains of the second losing civilizations. Currently there are about a hundred all told apostates divided into four "camps" which stretches for safety. They are currently led by the children of the original knight who married among the Sioux and other people who gathered to apostates cause. Even the Romans have joined the alliance now that Saracens are in power. Latin has become something of a lingua franca.

As befits the chosen name of the apostates is suspicious of religious authority . They feel betrayed by the gods they once served, but refuses to recognize the feeling of doing it would no legitimacy whatsoever. They are a practical and dour people confident in the correctness of their cause, but busy with questions about day to day survival. If a SG team meets the renegades as they find them to be eager and also useful allies but also apostates know they are struggling just more losing the war. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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