The Otsorok is a race with wings, a serpent like tail without legs, and three digit claws. They have various mental powers including telepathy, healing power, the ability to project images, and telekinesis to the point of being able to activate the Stargate with just their minds. Other powers included being able to sense things, like if someone was lying. The ability to break things with their mind and laser like vision. It may have been these wide variety of gifts that made many confuse the Otsorok for being the Ancients or at least related to them.


The Otsorok originally saw other races as inferior to their own. They called other people "rock crawlers" as an insult due to them being able to fly while others couldn't. Even people with devices to make them able to fly (like jetpacks) were still targets to be made fun of. Later on in the 2020s however they realized their prejudice was wrong after being helped by Humans.


In the 2020s Major Gus Bonner and his team tried to warn the Otsorok that the Tlak'kahn where coming. The Otsorok believed their mental power prowess would best them and refused the help they offered.

Later on, however, when the Tlak'kahn came their mental abilities proved useless against the Tlak'kahn ships. The Tlak'kahn captured some of their people. This instance finally made the Otsorok ask the humans if they could work together. With their help they devised a plan to use the Otsorok telepathy with rocks and managed to damage the ships enough to release the Otsorok prisoners. This made the Otsorok let go of their harsh views towards the humans and see each other as the same.

Known OtsorokEdit

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