"The staff thing kills."
Vala Mal Doran[src]

The Ori staff weapon is the primary armament used by the soldiers of the Ori Army.


Ori staff weapon crystal

Ori staff weapon's energy crystal.

Ori staff weapons are very different in design from Goa'uld staff weapon, being more slender and having a different firing attachment. The head ends in a two-pronged fork with a blue power crystal in the center, from which the energy blast is fired. They fire a small bolt of energy which can kill most humans in a single shot. Even a glancing shot can cause great pain and grave injuries. Unlike the Goa'uld staff weapon it does not cauterize the wound. Ori soldiers use them in the execution of their duties, from subduing or killing non-believers populations, to guarding their ships. (SG1: "Crusade", "Flesh and Blood", "Line in the Sand", "The Shroud", "The Ark of Truth")

The weapon is somewhat less unwieldy than the Goa'uld staff weapon. The energy bolt fired by this weapon does not cause the weapon to kick like the Goa'uld version does. It is also slightly more accurate than the Goa'uld staff weapon, but not greatly so. Similarly the Ori army utilizes the same tactics as the Goa'uld with very few exceptions. Ori utilize cover instead of standing fully exposed in a firing line. However they have been observed utilizing firing lines when operating in urban environments.


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