"The satellite appears to be a predominantly offensive weapon."
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The Ori satellite was an orbital weapons platform developed by the Ori and given to the Rand Protectorate.


The Ori satellite is not autonomous and must be controlled remotely. When powered up, the satellite fires an energy beam visually similar to the one used on Ori warships. This beam is powerful enough to pierce the fully-powered shield of a BC-303-class ship while simultaneously dealing incredible damage to the ship's hull. The weapon requires several minutes to charge between blasts.

The satellite also possesses a defensive shield powerful enough to resist several Naquadah-enhanced Tau'ri missiles without any signs of stress. (SG1: "Ethon")


In an attempt to convert the Rand Protectorate to Origin as part of their overarching crusade across the Milky Way galaxy, a Prior of the Ori provided the Rand Protectorate with the instructions of how to construct this satellite. The Rand people themselves built the weapon in stages from the instructions over the course of five months, and under the watchful eye of the Prior.

When the construction of the satellite was completed, the Rand Protectorate found themselves with a weapon that surpassed any weapon in use by the Caledonian Federation, with whom the Rand Protectorate had been at war with for several years. (SG1: "Icon") Seeing the clear threat this posed to the people of Tegalus as a whole, and seeking to avert the killing of any more Tegalans, a Rand military commander, Jared Kane, contacted the Tau'ri, asking them to destroy the weapon. The BC-303 Prometheus was sent to Tegaalus to destroy the weapon, though was ultimately unable to penetrate the satellite's shields and was subsequently destroyed in the battle.

After President Nadal was later killed by Commander Goran Pernaux, the satellite was powered down. (SG1: "Ethon")


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