The Ori pulse weapons are secondary ship-to-ship weapons, several of which are installed on their massive warships.


These pulse weapons are ship-based emplacements on board the Ori warships. They are less powerful than the main cannon of the ships, though they are still easily capable of inflicting considerable damage on enemy starships, for example, depleting the shields of a Ha´tak upgraded by Anubis in 12 shots and the Ha´tak itself in only 6 shots, making the force of these weapons double the force of the upgraded staff cannons of the Anubis Ha´tak. The weapons are situated throughout the mothership, which makes it possible for them to fire at enemy ships even if they maneuver behind the Ori vessel to avoid the main cannon.


The only sighting of these ship weapons was at the Battle of P3Y-229 when the Ori warships emerged from the Supergate to attack the allied fleet of Earth, Free Jaffa Nation, Lucian Alliance and the Asgard. A number of Ha'taks attempted to evade the main cannons of the Ori warships but were hit and destroyed by the pulse weapons.

Although the pulse weapons are very powerful and highly effective against Ha'taks and other lesser vessels and shields, they proved insufficient against the Asgard shields used on the Daedalus-class vessels at that time. The shields on the much more advanced Asgard O'Neill ships are also resistant to the Ori pulse weapon. (SG1: " Camelot")