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"Only Run When Chased" is the nineteenth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Eli Wallace and a group of people watch an episode of South Park while Lt. Matthew Scott encourages exercising.


Eli Wallace is sitting with Dr. Lisa Park, Dr. Dale Volker and Dr. Adam Brody are watching an episode of South Park from Eli's cell phone, and find one scene hilarious. They are then interrupted by Lt. Matthew Scott, who notices that it must have been the fiftieth time they seen the same episode. He came in to announce the start of a morning work out Colonel Everett Young proposed to keep the crew in shape. Volker notes he only does his running while being chased, but they still have to run. The team hear that Scott can run two miles in 21 minutes for a man his age, probably faster. Eli decides to wager an energy bar, believing he couldn't do it in time. Scott accepts the bet, and starts the run after Park starts the timer. After Scott leaves, the four continue with the watching South Park, laughing at another scene.


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  • This webisode probably takes place sometime around the episode "Life".
  • According to the MGM website, this is the nineteenth webisode, despite the twentieth released so far.

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