"I believe Heim and Onesh to be two of the brightest minds in the Milky Way, and do not think it likely anyone else could succeed."
Major Jared Bell[src]

Onesh is a Tok'ra. He is Phoenix Site's lead Dial Home Device researcher.


Phoenix planet is surrounded by a ring system, which made locating the world through star navigation difficult. Major Jared Bell had Onesh and Heim translate the correct galactic coordinates to a gate address. (RPG: "Core Rulebook")

Onesh attempted three times to establish a wormhole connection to BP6-314. He was interested in it as the address was found buried in Tau'ri computer files. Once Chevron 7 finally locked into place, the whole base shook and an extraordinarily large vortex erupted from the Stargate further than normal but then became a stable event horizon. There was then a growing power surge coming back from the stargate and Onesh determined that in 24 hours the gate system would completely overload and the wormhole will shoot through the planet. (RPG: "Mechanicus")

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