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The Ohnes, also known as Oannes are a semi-aquatic species found on Oannes in the Milky Way galaxy.


The race's animosity with the Goa'uld began millennia ago, when the Goa'uld Belus discovered and invaded their homeworld of Oannes. Belus drove the Ohnes from their ocean-born cities by bombarding the seas from orbit while the System Lord's slavers waited on the surface to capture the fleeing inhabitants who were transported as slaves to Belus's ship in orbit. Confident in his victory, Belus left only a token force behind, intent on returning to Goa'uld territory with his new prize captives.

His ship was barely one day away when the Ohnes overwhelmed their captors and moved to seize control. Rather than be defeated by mere slaves, Belus decided to flee his command ship with his First Prime while setting the self-destruct on his vessel which slaughtered thousands of Ohnes that were on board. At the same time, on the Ohne homeworld, the Ohnes launched a counterattack against the Goa'uld and Jaffa that remained on their planet. Without their 'god', the invaders were quickly routed and the Ohnes retook their world.

Interrogation of the prisoners failed to obtain the location of Belus' homeworld so the Ohnes used their memory retrieval to obtain what information they could which killed the captives in the process.


Nem attacking SG-1 with a psychic blast.

The Ohnes are an ancient race that is dedicated to fighting the Goa'uld throughout the galaxy. When under the oceans of one of their worlds, the Ohnes gain strength. An Ohne needs to spend at least three hours submerged in water every day or they will begin to suffer from dehydration. To permit them to remain outside of water for prolonged periods, they developed a device called a hydrator. It's a race that has a lifespan that lasts 5,000 years and their young reach maturity by the age of 200. The Ohnes are a species that possess a variety of psychic abilities. [1] A race that seems to have near-ascended abilities as Nem was able to render SG-1 unconscious by firing a blast of energy at them from his hand.

The bulk of the Ohnes population consists of members of the laborer caste, which work in various types of duties throughout their underwater cities and settlements. Most laborers don't ever leave their home world, though in recent years many have joined the scholars, warriors, and freedom fighters in the struggle against the Goa'uld across the galaxy. The Ohnes of the scholar caste are those who search and explore the galaxy, uncovering knowledge that they hope will unlock the secrets of the universe and its origins. They also believe that the key to defeating the Goa'uld lays in gathering knowledge, and therefore they've spent considerable time searching for insight that lead to the eventual defeat of the System Lords. The Ohnes of the warrior caste are those who lead the battle against the Goa'uld across the galaxy. Which they accomplish by providing military and covert aid and assistance to other worlds.[1] One of the Ohnes who went out to fight the Goa'uld was Omoroca, who went to Earth to help foster a rebellion against Ra, though she was ultimately killed by Belus. Her mate, Nem, spent four thousand years alone before he discovered her fate. (SG1: "Fire and Water")

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