The observation deck sits near the rear section of Destiny and gives a panoramic view via a single large window. There are various benches and tables in the room for people to sit and observe space ahead. Situated on the left side of the room is an Ancient bar unit that dispenses beverages, while on the right is a viewing device similar to high-powered binoculars at tourist sites on Earth. Also visible is the front section of Destiny, as well as one of the docked Ancient shuttlecraft. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Light")

Telford and Rush on the observation deck.

As the ship was on course for a large gas giant, many of the Destiny expedition members gathered to watch the spectacle. Eli Wallace had hoped this would provide a romantic moment between him and Chloe Armstrong and was somewhat disappointed to find so many people there. However, he and Chloe later chose to sit in the observation deck and await impact with a star. When it was discovered Destiny had entered the star to recharge its power reserves and that the crew would survive, Eli went to the deck to watch Lt. Matthew Scott attempt a high speed shuttle landing. (SGU: "Darkness", "Light")

During the first encounter with the Nakai species' mothership, members of the crew watched the ensuing fighter battle from the observation deck. (SGU: "Space")

When the crew began to hallucinate, Chloe Armstrong went to the deck with an image of her father. Eager at the chance to reconnect in any way, she sat at the bar, talking with him and was very reluctant to leave, despite knowing full-well he was a hallucination. (SGU: "Pain")

The observation deck was the last part of the ship to be seen. After putting everyone in stasis, Eli was the last one to be conscious aboard the ship. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

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